It's Friiiiiiday! Thank ya Jesus!

I know I've said this before and I'll say it again, these weeks are passing by slow as turtles. But whatevs, it's Friday so let's celebrate!

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1. It's March!
That means that are engagements pictures are just 29 days away and I can barely stand it I am so excited to take them!

2. Homecoming!
Tomorrow is homecoming day and it's my very last one. It's a little bittersweet but more on the sweet side ;) My family is coming to town and I'm so excited to see everyone!

3. Grad Gala!
This week the grad gala came to campus and I ordered my graduation announcements and got my fancy frame for my diploma, this is starting to feel like real life!

4. Prizes!
I got a call yesterday from Bridal Registry that Josh and I won a selection of some great prizes! Either $600 to a jewelry store or a free honeymoon out of the country, or a free vacation inside the country. Um WHAT?! We never win anything, maybe luck is striking us!

5. London!
I leave for London on THURSDAY which will kick off my last spring break. My excitement is through the roof!


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