I'm back in America friends! Spring break has sadly come to an end but what a Spring break it was! London was breathtaking and I enjoyed every single moment and tried to take it all in!

We saw every sight there was to see and I took pictures like a maniac. We froze the whole entire time, none of us were quite as prepared as we should have been because the weather was unseasonably freezing for that time of year in London, it snowed almost everyday, absolutely crazy! We saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, rode double decker buses, stood in telephone booths, ate incredible food, walked for DAYS, saw Stonehenge, and those are just a few of the many things we did over our 10 days there!

I am so blessed that my parents were able to send me on this trip and I can't thank them enough for sending me, Mom and Dad you're the best!

Now I'm back in Greenwood with a month left of my college career! I feel like everything is super crazy right now. I'm really jet lagged, have tons of school work to do for this week, wedding planning is in full swing, we're house searching and I'm on the job hunt. I feel like I'm a very little fish swimming in a really big pool. But life is good, so good. 

I'll leave you with some pictures from my trip! I'll be spending the next few days trying to catch up on all of my favorite blogs!

I'm hoping to get to a more detaled recap post of my trip and some traveling tips soon!

 photo 006-7_zps8be2cbf7.jpg  photo 044-2_zpse9f95e82.jpg  photo 148-1_zpsda4e960a.jpg  photo 186_zps744660ee.jpg  photo 203_zps10189cb1.jpg  photo 226_zpse4f30fae.jpg  photo 324_zps736c374a.jpg  photo 292_zps4350fc7d.jpg  photo 360_zps954e4b91.jpg  photo 437_zps5c78299d.jpg  photo 592_zpse845b25c.jpg  photo 580_zpse52b2a75.jpg  photo 693_zps39e1c723.jpg

Here's to a wonderful week!

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