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How about a little life update while we're all here? 

>>>This weekend is Josh and I's engagement pictures and I am sooooooooo excited! I am really praying hard for some warm weather, sunshine and no wind. The weather here lately has been so unseasonable. I just want Spring! I apologize in advanced for how many of our engagement pictures y'all will have to endure seeing after they come in. 

>>>Only 2 more weeks of class and a week of exams and I'm a college graduate! Hard to believe, it really is. 

>>>Josh and I will be getting on the iPhone bandwagon soon, it is looooong overdue for both of us. We'll finally be cool kids. 

>>>My job search is in full swing and I've already had one interview and have another lined up. If you don't mind, I'd appreciate any prayers!

>>>I've started packing up my dorm room for the very last time. Boxes are packed and walls are bare. A little bittersweet.

>>>Josh and I, maybe, might, are kinda, house hunting. Crazy right?! We've been searching the market up and down lately and we finally sat down and put all of our top contenders on a list and hopefully within the next few weeks we'll be able to go see these houses! More prayers, please!

Lots of transitions and changes happening in my life right now and I couldn't be more overjoyed. I am so looking forward to spending the weekend at home and enjoying Easter with my family and church family. This will be the last time I make a trip home while I'm still in college!

Happy Thursday lovebugs! If you have Good Friday off tomorrow, it's the last day of the work week!



One of the on stage question possibilities from the pageant I was in a few months ago was "If you had to make a song title for your life, what would it be?" 

I saw this question and went all "oh my word what if they ask me this question I am going to freak out because I have no idea". I started racking my brain and NOTHING, nada, zippo, was coming to mind. 

The night of the pageant I was back stage dressing for the evening gown portion of the pageant and Josh sends me a text that read "Blessed. That is your song title." It brought a smile to my face and sense of relief  filled my body when I got that text. And I felt a little silly for not thinking of that earlier, blessed. Then it got me to thinking about how truly blessed I am and I have proceed to not realize that to it's fullest potential each day.

 photo Blessed_zpsc94873bc.jpg

I'm about to have a college degree under my belt, that makes me blessed. I'm engaged to a wonderful man whom I'll tie the knot with in less than 6 months, that makes me blessed. I have a family filled with the sweetest, most caring people, that makes me blessed. My friends that surround me each day are blessing in themselves.

And most of all, I have a God that loves me and has saved me from all of my sin and promised me an eternity when the day comes that He takes me home. What a beautiful, beautiful thought that is.

I hope that I remember every day how blessed I am. My arms, legs, feet, hands and mind works properly, what a blessing of health. I have a roof over my head, food on my table and money in my bank day in and day out, what a blessing.

My prayer is that life never get so busy that I forget how blessed I am or that I forget to thank the people around me for being such a blessing in my life or that I forget to thank my God for all that He does and provides for me each day.

If you had to give your life a song title, what would it be? 



I've been wanting to clean my engagement ring for a few weeks now but was scared to death to do it because I didn't want to hurt it (this thing is my pride and joy)!

As I was perusing the wedding section of pinterest I saw a pin on how to clean your ring with products that you probably already had in your house. We all know baking soda is practically perfect for everything and apparently it's great for cleaning your ring!

Hesitantly, I tried it and I must say, it seemed very gentle on my ring and the stones and it is now so sparkly!

 photo clean_zps7dd2d283.jpg

Just pour some baking soda into a bowl and add a little warm water. Mix it up until it's a paste then use your finger to slather it all over your ring and then rinse your ring and dry it off with a lint free cloth and voila, you'll have a beautifully sparkling ring!

Easy peesy. Now go clean that ring and get it shiny girl!



I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I have a love affair with chambray. (Sssssh! Don't tell my fiance that he has to share my heart!)

Chambray has become THE staple of my closet. I bought this shirt 3 years ago at Old Navy and wore it maybe a handful of times. Now I can't stay out of this thing! 

These red pants are from Catos and are my absolute favorite pants that I own! So comfortable and so soft. And to put the cherry on top, I paid $7 for them, holla! 

Ever since Josh gave me these TOMS for Valentines I've been living in them, they go with everything!

 photo 062-3_zps98c7b4f3.jpg  photo 063-2_zps126a2f77.jpg  photo 064-3_zpsc0d1b0d8.jpg  photo 065_zps5da725e2.jpg

I also have a pair of floral pants that I pair with my chambray top! Chambray is great to go along with colored bottoms. I think I'll be wearing this shirt when I'm 80, and I'm not kidding!

Happy Monday folks!
3 more weeks of classes left!



 photo WeddingWednesday2_zps9b2c8e32.jpg

I posted awhile back about how I asked my girls to be my bridesmaids, now it's time to meet them and get up close and personal! I could not ask for sweeter or more beautiful bridesmaids! God has blessed me with the sweetest and most caring people in my life and I am thankful everyday. 

 photo griff_zpsdf2bf70e.jpg
Miss Griffyn, Maid of Honor
Griffyn is a JEWEL. You will not meet anyone sweeter than she is and I can guarantee that. Griff is the definition of a true, caring friend. Her and I have been friends for quite some time now and we survived high school together which automatically means that we'll be besties for the long haul, high school is tough people! We were also roommates our freshmen year of college! Griffyn is beautiful inside and out and such a great role model for people of all ages. I don't know one person that doesn't adore Griffyn, real talk. And SMART, oh my word the girl is a genius, 100%. She motivated and dedicated to all that she does and to everyone in her life. Griffyn, I love you!

Miss Rebecca
Oh Rebecca, love her to pieces, you just have no idea. Rebecca and I have been friends for a long time as well and we have watched each other grow and change over the years. Her and I are polar opposites, I mean we could not be any different. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked by multiple people how we are friends because we are different, haha! And not only are we friends, Rebecca is my best friend. She knocks me down a few notches me I'm acting crazy and always brings me back to reality. She is so honest and I love that about her. She is also an adventure seeker and sometimes I get to go along with her. She's forced tofu down my throat, dragged me to random concerts, and made me try her strange concoctions of food. Rebecca inspires me to be a dreamer and a traveler. She really does dance to the beat of her own drum and I really admire her and look up to her for that. She is my soul sister. 

 photo Kenz_zpsa94f75b3.jpg
Miss Mackenzie
Mackenzie and I went to rival high schools. We've also lived 10 minutes away from each other for all of our lives and had no idea until a few months ago. Mackenzie and I's friendship really developed our sophomore year of college and it's taken off and hasn't stopped yet. Mackenzie inspires me to be a better person each day. The girl know's the Bible backwards and forwards and I love that about her! She has really helped me grow in my walk with Christ and she is one of the first people that I've really opened up to and discussed my relationship with Christ with. She has also been praying over Josh and I so much and I can't thank her enough for that. Mackenzie will ALWAYS keep you laughing and bring a smile to your face. She really lights up a room, it's hard to find a lot of people like that now-a-days. You'll very rarely find a negative thing coming out of Mackenzie's mouth. She is such a good person and so caring!

Miss Kellie
Kellie...oh Kellie! Kellie, Kayla, Rebecca and I have been a foursome for a long time now. Kellie and Kayla moved away to go to Governor's School after sophomore year of high school. Even though they moved schools our friendship stayed strong, we were each others prom dates, sang our hearts out at a Taylor Swift concert, just to name a few our of adventures. Kellie is my diva, girlfriend has sass like no other! And style and grace too. She also happens to be a genius (I have the smartest friends on the face of the planet). Kellie is my partner in crime when it comes to wedding planning. She loves all things wedding, just like me! She has a poise about her that is undeniable and she is overflowing with love for people.

 photo kayla_zps607882cf.jpg
Miss Kayla
Kayla and Kellie are twins! (If you haven't noticed already) And just like Kellie, Kayla is also a genius! Kayla is our rebel and I love it. Kayla, like Rebecca, dances to the beat of her drum and I admire her for that. She does what she wants and I think that is such a valuable quality of hers. She also has a huge heart, if you need something, call her and she will be on the ball getting it done or coming to see you. Kayla is very driven and what she wants, she gets. She is going to be incredibly successful one day and I have loved watching her grow and change over the years. She also has the best "sexy curl" hair on the face of the earth. 

 photo jenny_zpsfa281154.jpg
Miss Jenny
Jenny is my future sister-in-law! Being an only child, I am STOKED to be gaining a sister. Jenny is incredibly talented and artistic. A few of her paintings are hanging in Josh's apartment and I am so excited to have them in our house, her work is incredible! What I love about Jenny is that I can tell how much Josh loves her and she loves him. They really have a special relationship and relate to each other so well and I love that! Jenny also has the cutest shoe collection you'll ever find. She has great style and loves clothes, a girl after my own heart! She just moved to Dallas to start her graphic designer career, she has big things in store!

So there you have it, my nearest and dearest ladies. I love you all and am over the moon to share my big day with you!



I feel a teeny tiny bit like a modern day, bright colored Jackie O in this outfit.

Let's talk real quick about the importance of a fantastic fitting and looking pair of dress pants. These I'm wearing are from Express and are golden! Love, love, love these dress pants. They are so soft and hug in all the right places and are loose in all the right places.

I truly believe that every woman needs at least one great pair of dress pants and these are mine. 
 photo 042-2_zpsc1317d92.jpg  photo 040_zpsc2b95732.jpg  photo 047_zpscea4f43d.jpg  photo 044-2_zps827001a3.jpg  photo 049_zps693c052e.jpg  photo 050_zps7cd92df2.jpg  photo 051-2_zpsac293d1b.jpg

And how great is the color of that little jacket? It was actually my moms and she was getting ready to give it away and I snatched it up and I'm sure glad that I did! I love the neckline on it and since I'm getting ready to enter the working world, I think this job would fit the bill for a work day!

Jet lag is killing me a tiny bit today, I kind of felt like I was sleep walking all day, haha! I hope I bounce back tomorrow. Happy Monday friends!



I'm back in America friends! Spring break has sadly come to an end but what a Spring break it was! London was breathtaking and I enjoyed every single moment and tried to take it all in!

We saw every sight there was to see and I took pictures like a maniac. We froze the whole entire time, none of us were quite as prepared as we should have been because the weather was unseasonably freezing for that time of year in London, it snowed almost everyday, absolutely crazy! We saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, rode double decker buses, stood in telephone booths, ate incredible food, walked for DAYS, saw Stonehenge, and those are just a few of the many things we did over our 10 days there!

I am so blessed that my parents were able to send me on this trip and I can't thank them enough for sending me, Mom and Dad you're the best!

Now I'm back in Greenwood with a month left of my college career! I feel like everything is super crazy right now. I'm really jet lagged, have tons of school work to do for this week, wedding planning is in full swing, we're house searching and I'm on the job hunt. I feel like I'm a very little fish swimming in a really big pool. But life is good, so good. 

I'll leave you with some pictures from my trip! I'll be spending the next few days trying to catch up on all of my favorite blogs!

I'm hoping to get to a more detaled recap post of my trip and some traveling tips soon!

 photo 006-7_zps8be2cbf7.jpg  photo 044-2_zpse9f95e82.jpg  photo 148-1_zpsda4e960a.jpg  photo 186_zps744660ee.jpg  photo 203_zps10189cb1.jpg  photo 226_zpse4f30fae.jpg  photo 324_zps736c374a.jpg  photo 292_zps4350fc7d.jpg  photo 360_zps954e4b91.jpg  photo 437_zps5c78299d.jpg  photo 592_zpse845b25c.jpg  photo 580_zpse52b2a75.jpg  photo 693_zps39e1c723.jpg

Here's to a wonderful week!



 photo WeddingWednesday2_zps9b2c8e32.jpg

Whoops, I happened to let Wedding Wednesday pass me by yesterday but nothing wrong with a Wedding Thursday, right?!

Um, how could I forget that a song just happened to be written for our wedding day? 

Ok, ok...maybe not exactly for us, but how perfect is this right. And it helps that I love,love,love Earth, Wind & Fire AND this song, one of my favorites, September!

Kind of thinking about having our bridal party and Josh and I come in together and be introduced as husband and wife before we transition into our first dance!


And on another note, my very last spring break is upon me. I'm flying to Atlanta this afternoon and then on a plane to London-Heathrow! I am OVER THE MOON excited! So it'll be pretttttty quiet around this here blog next week but don't worry as soon as I return and I sleep off my jet lag be expecting a post all about London that I'm sure will be full of tons of pictures!



Title take you a little off guard? I figured it might. But it's true, sometimes I truly don't like Pinterest and let me tell you why. 

Because I think it sometimes gives you a false idea about things and puts ideas in your head that may be unrealistic. Tell me how many times you've seen a proposal on a wedding board and the caption underneath is "He must do this, this, this, and this". That kind of thing just makes me cringe. Does he really have to hire  a photographer to get pictures, does he really have to ask your best friend to go with him to pick out the ring. No, I don't think he does. Now, if he does these things, then good for him. But if he doesn't, I'm sure everything will still be perfect. But pinterest fills your head with ideas that you think you HAVE to have, when in actuality, you don't. 

Or the beauty and fitness pages, oh my goodness. If you have even a bit of low self-esteem looking at these pages might just make you crash and burn. I mean all these diets and how to count calories if you want to look like one specific person. And the diet just might be a good plan, but to bribe you by telling you you're going to look like this person or that person...you're not. You're going to look like you, just possibly a version that you like better. 

Now, I don't mean to rag on Pinterest at all because I spend a lot of my days on there I love to try new beauty products that I find out about, try new crafts, etc. I just don't like how it sometimes makes it seem like you have to have a house this big, with all this fabulous furniture and your skin and hair has to look like this and you have to be proposed to a certain way and your wedding has to look a certain way. 

While pinterest is a GREAT site with fantastic ideas, don't let yourself get sucked in and start thinking that you have to keep up with the Jones'.

Love you Pinterest, mean it.

I'll be on a plane to London tomorrow! Spring Break is at my fingertips!!



Finally, a fashion post! It's been way too long and I apologize for that dear friends.

I felt like a prepster and teacher combined into one when I wore this outfit. I got these Old Navy Rockstar jeans on sale for $8.99! Love the subtle polka dots in them. Good thing they didn't have all the colors in my size or else I would have probably snagged everyone of them and we all know that wouldn't have been good for my pocketbook!

And a side note, I don't know who the heck sizes the jeans at ON but gee whiz...these jeans make me feel like I weigh a million pounds, you do not want to know the size that I had to get in these pants. But their normal jeans are sized fine...I think they just like to make you feel like you gained some LBS when you buy these pants because they are cut so tiny and the size on the tag makes me cringe a little. But I always say, no one can see the size on the inside of the tag, they can only tell if your clothing fits well or not. So take that, Old Navy. 

 photo 053_zps6c132c44.jpg  photo 057-2_zps980588fc.jpg  photo 060-2_zps55912359.jpg  photo 059-2_zpscb1711b4.jpg  photo 058-2_zps70ef6538.jpg

Loving this outfit and these new Rockstar jeans! Josh always tells me he's "rocking Polo like it's 1993" when he's wearing a polo and my button up and cardigan just happened to be Polo and I think I got a good laugh out of him when I texted him and used his phrase. By the way, these 2 pieces of polo clothing? Probably costs me $15 altogether, thank you consignment shops!



It's Friiiiiiday! Thank ya Jesus!

I know I've said this before and I'll say it again, these weeks are passing by slow as turtles. But whatevs, it's Friday so let's celebrate!

 photo Highfiveforfriday_zps43850eb7.jpg

1. It's March!
That means that are engagements pictures are just 29 days away and I can barely stand it I am so excited to take them!

2. Homecoming!
Tomorrow is homecoming day and it's my very last one. It's a little bittersweet but more on the sweet side ;) My family is coming to town and I'm so excited to see everyone!

3. Grad Gala!
This week the grad gala came to campus and I ordered my graduation announcements and got my fancy frame for my diploma, this is starting to feel like real life!

4. Prizes!
I got a call yesterday from Bridal Registry that Josh and I won a selection of some great prizes! Either $600 to a jewelry store or a free honeymoon out of the country, or a free vacation inside the country. Um WHAT?! We never win anything, maybe luck is striking us!

5. London!
I leave for London on THURSDAY which will kick off my last spring break. My excitement is through the roof!