I have days sometimes when I think to myself

Is anyone reading this blog? 
Is it making a difference in anyone's life? 
Is my content touching someone? 

Well, I've had those questions confirmed for me the past few weeks. I've been approached a few times about devotions that Josh and I have done and about encouragement through my blog. My heart did flips of happiness when I get contacted about advice and know that this blog is really making a difference and that is all because of the Good Lord.

I am so overwhelmed (in a good way) that people can find refuge in my blog and a place to come and be encouraged. I hope that this blog will always be that way and I hope that God will continue to use me for His good and to help His people. What a marvelous thought that is! When I first was asked about something religious that someone saw on my blog I immediately stopped and said a prayer of praise to God, because without Him, I would never be able to find the words to say and publish on this little space of the web.

If at any point I can pray for you in anyway, send you a personal word of encouragement, give you advice on anything that you've seen me talk about on the blog, or anything in between. Reach out and let me know! I would love to pray and converse with you!

As y'all know, one of my new years resolutions is to have a more compassionate heart and mind this year and I really believe the Lord is helping me to do that.

I hope that Every Day Life is a place that you can come, enjoy your readings, enjoy the pictures, enjoy my shannanigans, and most importantly be encouraged and be loved. 

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