Happy Monday lovebugs! Its a mild, rainy one here in South Carolina. My first class got out early, my next one is cancelled so I'm blogging, working on schoolwork, painting my nails, Hootie and the Blowfish on iTunes, my window is open and I'm listening to the rainfall, my lights are dim and a cup of green tea is sitting beside me. Can't say that I can complain even though it's a Monday. 

In exactly 24 days I'll be on a plane on my way to London for Spring Break. Excited would be an understatement. On a side note, how is 2013 holding so many awesome things? Trip to London, graduating college, hopefully getting a job, and getting MARRIED! What a year! 

Anyway, if you have been out of the country (especially to England) and have any tips on packing and/or how to dress when I'm over there, I would greatly appreciate any advice. 

I know it's probably going to be pretty rainy and cold while we're there. I'm planning on doing a lot of layering and getting a lot of use out of my caridgans. 

My bag will probably consists of a lot of neutral colors and scarves. I don't want to look too American while I'm there, haha! Better not open my mouth too often or I am sure to give myself away, quickly.

I also know that we'll be done tons and tons of walking. So I'm having a hard time deciding on shoes to bring. I could really use some suggestions in that department. I have burlap Toms and black Toms that I thought would be good for walking. I've been told tennis shoes are a big no-no over there so those will be staying in my closet. But I do have Converses that are way comfortable, wonder if those count as tennis shoes.

As far as bottoms go I have a pair of khakis, brown chinos, black chinos, and a dark pair of jeans. I have tons of colored pants but don't really know if that's in over there?

OH and about outlet converters, any advice on what kind to get or does it really matter?

So, all of my world traveling readers, any suggestions/tips/advice you have please share!

AND another side note, Alex (she is in my sorority) got ENGAGED this weekend! I am so happy for her and her fiance, Samuel! I pray that God blesses them with a fantastic engagement period and a lifetime full of martial bliss. 'Tis the season for engagements and marriages, love it!


  1. You should talk to my friend Anna! She's doing her semester abroad at Winch. this semester and I'm sure she could give you lots of tips and advice! So excited for you Lindsay! You're going to have so much fun on this trip!
    <3 Tesla
    P.S take the colored pants! They are so you and you should totally bring a little color because I hear it's often quite grey there :)

    1. Thanks Tesla, maybe I will take my colored pants:) Bring a little Lindsay to London, haha!

  2. I've had the privilege to visit London/England twice! It is simply where my heart is, I can't even describe. Hoping to do mission work over there someday soon :)

    Anyway...I think you're spot on with what the weather will be like. I was over there in March once and it was definitely chilly. Think about taking a pea coat or something similar to keep you warm, yet fashionable. Hats are always "in" in England. I wore one every day, even in the misty rain, and I felt very British ;)

    Layers are good too, so you can still look cute when you take that jacket off and then still feel warm. As for shoes...Boots are real good..if you have some comfy ones. I, for one, wore my Sperry's EVERYWHERE! They are great walking shoes and are friendly in cool/damp/rainy weather.

    Make sure you have a bag that is comfy to wear OVER (cross-body bag) your shoulder to carry all your necessities in. You want it to be a good size, but not too big and not too small. You'll probably be carrying it everywhere you walk and you want all you need in that bag comfortably: Camera, money, passport, gloves, a poncho, etc. I would also suggest carrying some snacks around...Food over there is NOT cheap and with all the walking/jet lag, you'll want some munchies.

    And you'll definitely need some power converters! I don't think much has changed in the few years since I've been there, but England has different power outlets than other areas of Europe. You can easily look it up online and places like Wal-Mart, sell converters. Investing in small, cheap, packing sized hair tools is a good idea. You don't have a lot of weight to spare, and you need something that travels easy. Sally Beauty Tools sells some small travel-sized hair dryers and straighteners.

    Well...so I've written a book. But there's just so much that I wish I had known the first time around! Just soak up each moment, every monument and history fact (their history is nothing like ours, so much older and unique), go see a play in Picadilly Circus, ride the Tube over and over again, try and see a Royal, eat authentic Fish & Chips, and take a picture with a Royal Guard. Let me know if you have any other questions about what to see or do in London or other travel tips! It's simply my most favorite city :)

    Any room for me in that suitcase of yours ;)

    1. This was PERFECT! You are a lifesaver, thanks so much:)


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