Hi sweet friends! I'm here for Wedding Wednesday on this very windy, unseasonably warm Wednesday morning. I'm sitting at my desk with the window open, cup a green tea and Hootie and the Blowfish playing on my iTunes. It's a good start to the day. 
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Dear Wedding, 
You are stressing me so bad. Riddle me this, why are you so expensive? We want you to be beautiful, definitely...but we also want to have a dime lfet to our name after this shin dig. If you could cut us some slack, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, The "gonna be broke as a joke" Colvins

Dear Mom, 
I am so thankful for you. You are truly emailing and calling and contacting and meeting with vendors all day everyday and helping as much as you can. Thank you for that, I really, really mean it. I could not do this without you. 

Dear Dad, 
Listening to you answer the phone "I'm not talking weddings, here's your Mama. Love you goober. Maybe you should elope, would be easier" makes my day, you're a funny man, you know that? 

Dear sweet fiance, 
Sorry for my out burst of tears and breaking down and freaking out over this wedding biz...I just want to be your wife, that is all. Why was I born without wedding planning running in my veins? Whatevs, we're marrying each other and that is all that matters. 

Alright, done with my letters for this morning. Here's the status on our plans:

>>>We received our contract for a venue this week so we have to staple down what times we want the ceremony to start. I'm guessing it will start around 5 or 6 with reception to follow. 

>>> have contacted every photographer in the state, I kid you not. And we're starting to narrow it down some so I'm hoping we'll have someone stapled down within this week or next.

>>>My MOH texted me and said she is working on menus and decor for my bridal shower. I have the best people surrounding me, blessed beyond measure. 

>>>I started the search for DJs this week and found one that I think will be a good fit. Josh is going to do a little more searching since music is more his deal. 

>>>My dress and veil are checked off the list. Next thing to do is find shoes and undergarmets so that I can have the dress altered. 

>>>I'm itching to go look at wedding bands so hopefully we'll be able to start at least looking around soon. 

>>>Mom has an appointment with a florist today and I'm anxious to speak with her tonight and see how that goes. 

>>>Josh has been looking up ideas for his grooms cake. 12th hole of the Masters in Augusta anyone?!

>>>Mom is also speaking with a lady at church who makes wedding cakes about possibly working with us. 

>>>My future SIL is a graphic designer and will hopefully be playing a part in the design of our save the dates, invites and programs!

>>>Josh and I started looking up honeymoons, we're really leaning towards Antigua. Anyone been there?

That's about all for the wedding updates! I hope that everyone has a happy hump day! We're inside of 8 months until we're Mr. and Mrs. Josh Colvin!

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  1. I know exactly what you're talking about....I only had 3 months to plan my wedding before andrew left for the Navy and after a few weeks i was like i don't care what the food is or what the flowers look like, i just want to marry my bestfriend. But as long as the wedding is what you want it to be, it will be an amazing experience.


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