The day Josh and I got engaged my wheels started spinning on how to organize my wedding binder and what all I was going to put in it. I literally ran out like the next day and picked up dividers, a zip pouch and ordered Josh and I's monogrammed to put on my binder (which I already had). 

I started making a guest list and wrote down honeymoon options, venue places, catering places, dress places, the list goes on. I knew I had to have one place to keep all of my papers and notes. My wedding binder definitely does the trick. 

It only took a day of dress shopping and venue shopping and I had handfuls of postcards, business cards, brochures, etc. So I filled up my zip pouch really quickly. 

I used my tabs to divide up guest lists and addresses, venue information and contracts, and miscellaneous. I take this with me to all of my appointments so that I can write down info and have a place to store all the papers that I'm given. 

It has been SO nice to have everything in one place that I can look back over and add to when needed.

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And on a side note, it's my very handsome, funny, sweet, and loving fiances birthday! Happy 28th birthday! I hope you have the best day babe, this is going to be a great year for you, I can feel it :)


  1. I start to hyperventilate at even the THOUGHT of having to get a wedding organized, and my planning is a good 1.5 away. My besties have joked about what a micromanaging type A bride I will be... oh vey! I am impressed how you didnt let a moment slip by before you got a binder together!!

    Let the count down continue!

  2. This is so clever! I'll have to remember this one day ;) Also, your handwriting is perfect, it looks like a font!! I am your newest follower and would love to follow each other!

    xo, ciara

  3. Happy sunny days! I found you on LC website, and decided to visit.
    Btw, am the newest follower of your lovely blog.

    Hope you can visit mine too and follow back :)))))))

    Thank you, Chi


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