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Y'all, real talk, these weeks since school have started have gone by SO SLOW. The weeks seem to be dragging, anyone else? However, I'm not fretting yet because I know, give it some time and they will begin to soar on by. Let's High Five for Friday, shall we? 

number one. 
FINDING A VENUE! Just take a moment to pause and be so happy...Alright, done. 
So excited to say that we have our venue to get married, do a happy dance!

number two. 
Having a venue means having a date! I told y'all earlier that the date we wanted, so did everyone else in the state of South Carolina. But we got the exact date we wanted and we're less than 8 months away from being husband and wife!

number three. 
It was a short week, holla for MLK day on Monday!. I'm not complaining about a day off. And in one of my classes this week, we spent the hour watching Big Bang Theory. No one on the face of the earth can complain about that.

number four. 
I'm going to attempt to purchase my own domain sometime this weekend. So be on the lookout for a new address in the box up there! Trying to get a little more official on this bloggy blog business. 

number five. 
Cray cray is my new go-to word. Don't ask me why, because I truly have no idea why I've started using it. But I like it, even though I'm 49385908035 months behind and most people probably don't use it anymore. Oh well, just dancing the beat of my own dream.

I hope that y'all have the greatest weekend!


  1. YAY venues! My parents live in SC and my mom works where they have weddings and she keeps talking about how crazy this wedding season imparticular is there! So glad it is working out magically for yall!

  2. I've been saying cray cray too! So much that my kids have started saying it too!


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