Today we're chatting about names. 

I'll let you in on a little secret...I.name.EVERYTHING. 

Literally, everything. Does not matter what it is. For example, I bought Josh a headcover for one of his golf clubs, I named it Roger, we call it Rog for short. 

Josh gave me an elephant a few years ago. Within 5 seconds of opening the box I said, his name is Arnold Humphrey Colvin. We call him Baby Arn or Arn. 

Things I don't even OWN, I name. I'm all, "Lets get that puppy right there and name her Marcie." "Oh you see that iPhone I really want, let's name it Polly". 

I mean, I'm borderline crazy about naming things, but I like it. I think names give things flare. 

For example, pet names for your significant other. Josh has called me Princess for the longest time and I have called him Pumpkin. Well a while back I decided to shorten it, which by the way if it can be shorted, I will shorten it, i.e. Rog, Arn, etc. 
So Josh's current name is Pump, sometimes Pumpy. On any given day you can hear me running through the apartment yelling "PUUUUMP PUUUUUMP". I love it. When I lose him in a store and start calling out PUMP! people probbbbs think I'm crazy. Whatevs. 

His last name is Colvin, I call him Colvy. 

My cousin's name is Deanna...I call her Nan.

My dog's name is Dixie...I call her B.

Our favorite team is Carolina...Steve Spurrier is the coach...I call him Stevie. A player's name is Marcus Lattimore...I call him Marc Marc or Latti. 

So there you have it, you're following a blog that belongs to a very strange girl that names EVERYTHING, and then shortens it. I personally think it keeps life fun.

Names are important, names define people and things. 


  1. One time I named EVERYTHING in my office where I was a student worker... it was AWESOME.

  2. OMG, you are so weird! And I love it! hahahaha :)


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