Oh gracious...these pictures today. Just have mercy on me OK? I promise to you that I am shopping online as we speak for a tripod and camera remote so that my fashion post pictures don't look like this too much longer...but another post in the near future will contain pictures like this too. My sincerest apologizes. 

So one Monday morning, my hair is dirty, I'm not sure what I'm feeling like wearing that day...and ta-da, this gem comes alive. 

I put on my cardigan and scarf and think to myself, whatever I do, I am not wearing jeans with this, way too bland. So I open my colored pants drawer and on top lie my light pink pants I just purchased not too long ago, BINGO! 

And this hat, my favorite. I adore this hat and wish I could wear it everyday. I truly do. And my scarf is from Forever 21 and the warmest one I own! My jacket is also from Forever 21 (clearance rack baby!) and I think it's one of my new favorites.

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  1. that coat is precious! you are such an awesome bargain shopper!

  2. ohhh great jacket!
    I had a hat like that once... my boyfriend hid it from me... then I moved... come to think about it I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT IS!?
    Humm I should find it so I am cute like you :)

    happy wednesday!

  3. You look great! No shame in snapping a few in the mirror :) i love that jacket and scarf! thanks for sharing and happy to be following along now!



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