Alright my beautiful bloggers, y'all are in big trouble mister (Full House anyone?!?). 

Why didn't anyone tell me that finding a venue for a wedding is like trying to find a pot of gold?!? 

Lord have mercy! I have no idea finding and settling on a venue would be so difficult. Here's my breakdown of what has to match up to be a perfect venue. 

Capacity of people + Price + What comes with the venue + Do you set up and clean up + Is it what we are looking for + Is it open for our date 
A big mess!

Bless our souls, we have been venue shopping like crazy people and still haven't locked one up yet. The date that we want just happens to be a bye week for Carolina...aka no football...so everyone and their sister in SC is trying to get married on that exact day. So to say it's been a struggle is an understatement. 

We have an appointment next Monday with another place that I am praying (if you want to pray for us to find a venue you have no idea how much that would mean to me) we like the venue and that it is "the one". I have my fingers crossed like nobodies business. 

We've found a few beautiful places, but sometimes these places are really tiny. And if we find a place with good space...it looks like a conference room with awful carpet. And trust me, I might sound picky right now, but I'm really not, I've been incredibly open minded at every place we have been. 

Some places do tons of set up, some places don't even touch one chair, some places are tons of money just to rent, some people let outside catering in, some don't, and every place has a book of rules and policies a mile long. I really just had no idea it'd be this hard to find a place. 

So...we're going to the court house! Ha! Not quite yet...but I'm not ruling it out. 

Wish us luck on our venue search, we're going to need it!Check back later this week to see my wedding binder.


  1. yes, finding a venue is a nightmare. i am so glad we finally found ours!

    good luck!

  2. Good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed. I think I take way too much advantage of the fact Andrew and my mom had things figured out before he even asked! It will all work out! :)


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