Here we come 2014!

Last night Josh and I sat down our on couch with a plate of freshly made chocolate chip cookies, Murphy cuddled in between us and pen and paper in hand.

For our list this year we broke it up into a few different sections:
Bucket List
Family/Marriage Goals
Financial Goals
Individual Resolutions
Constructive Advice for your spouse

On our bucket list we wanted to put 3-4 things that were a little out of the ordinary that we may or may not do every year. For example, traveling to another state and attending a major sporting event (MLB/NFL/NBA) are under that category. Josh also added "do something in the air" haha...maybe a hot air balloon ride? That would be fun!!

For our family goals we listed things like daily prayers together, getting even more involved in our community/church community and supporting and encouraging each other through our words, actions and tones. Also to be a servant to those around us.

Financial goals consisted of how much we want to add to our savings account this year, any big purchases we know we want to make (hubs needs a need car and it's seeming like this will be the year he gets one!), and donating a large sum of money to a charity.

A few of my personal resolutions are to be present and attentive in all situations, nourish my relationship with Christ and be the best wife to my husband that I can be. Josh also had really good ones on his list.

On the back of our list we each put three things that our spouse could work on in the coming year and I'm so glad we did that. Constructive criticism, or advice as I like to call is good for you. And it opens your eyes to what your spouse sees in you that you might ignore about yourself. For example, on Josh's list for me he put "not get annoyed easily" haha! So I have made a mental note of that. On his list I put "actually LOOK when I say "hey babe, look at this"" ;)

Josh made us sign our list so that we'll be committed to it and we've got it in our bedroom so we can see it daily. Of course, I didn't share everything that we put on our list here on the blog, but I did share a junk of it and you get the gist :)

2013, you were a magical year and one that I will never, ever forget. I'm a little bit sad to see you leave because you held SO many life changing events for me this year. But as my husband told me, I'll pack up those memories and carry them on into the new year that lies ahead. I am so excited for this year and I can't wait to see what path the Lord will have us travel. Here we go, 2014!
Happy New Years Eve, I hope you have treasured memories to carry on from 2013 and big plans and visions with many blessings in 2014. Thank you for following along with me this year, I can't wait for more in the coming year!


2013 in Review (the 2nd 1/2)

Find the first half of the year recap here!

--I  celebrated my 21st birthday and attended my first ever tea party! It was such a good time and I hope to make it a tradition!

--We put an offer on our first home this month and it was accepted!

--My MOH threw a me a perfect bridal shower! The details were immaculate!

--I had another bridal shower thrown by the sweet ladies at my church and so many people came!! Josh and I are so blessed!

--We closed on our house and Josh moved in!

--My bridesmaids gave me the best bachelorette weekend this month!


--We went on our honeymoon!!!

--We expanded our family this month and adopted mister Murphy!!

--This month began our first holiday season!! We put up our first Christmas tree and celebrated Thanksgiving!

It's been a great, great month. But a little bit of a tough one too.

--Josh got a NEW JOB!!! I'll talk more on that later but I am one proud wife! Thank you Lord for this blessing, we prayed long and hard.

--We celebrated our first married Christmas, which was the sweetest thing in the whole entire world and I wish we could do it over and over again.

--On the blog I showed off some of my Christmas baking, our home decorations and our very first Christmas card!!! There were also quite a few wedding recaps sprinkled in the mix this month.

--We had our first big scare with our pup, Murph, and spent a night at the emergency vet and dropped a ton of money on that little man. But he's all better now and was definitely worth it.

--And to wrap out that year I found out that one of my childhood pets could possibly have heartworms. Y'all, I was a MESS when out I found out...I don't handle bad new wells AT ALL. She has an appointment with the vet tomorrow, I beg of you to pray that her little body can be healed and that we have many more years with her. She's the sweetest little pup with short, stubby legs and long,  floppy ears. Her name is Lilly and she (and I) would sure appreciate some prayers for her.

2013, you've been one memorable and wonderful year.

Thank you to everyone that has followed the crazy journey that 2013 has been! I can't wait to share my memories with you in 2014!


Christmas as Married People!

Happy Friday, friends! I have NEVER been happier to see a Friday in my whole entire life! I'm exhausted from this week and I can't wait to watch the clock strike 5 this afternoon and I am not leaving my house at ALL tonight and it will be wonderful. I'm actually excited to get to cleaning tonight...strange, I know. But I need some order in my house!

A little update on Murph-man: We picked him up last night and had to wait over THREE hours for him to be discharged...and I don't think they wanted to let him go home last night but we took him anyway. He wouldn't eat for the nurses at the vet but as soon as we got him home he gobbled up dinner in no time and was terribly sleepy, I imagine he didn't sleep much the night before. He was back to his normal self this morning and brought each of his toys one by one down the hall into our bedroom to make himself a little collection on the bed, it was too cute. So he is back in action, thank you for all of your prayers! No more emergency trips to the vet for that one, I hope!

Last Sunday we went to Josh's Dads side of the family to celebrate Christmas! We played a lot of pool and apples to apples per tradition :) Opened presents and got to see his aunts new corgi puppy. Josh and I LOVE corgis so we almost died playing with this little guy. He was SUCH a cutie!

Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year went a little something like this. Josh had to work a 1/2 day on Christmas Eve so I spent the morning slaving (for real!) in our kitchen over the baking that I was doing to take to mom and dads later that day. Y'all, being in the kitchen was no joke! I was running around a mile a minute trying to time everything up right and get it all done. I ended up making fudge (darn you fudge!!), pretzel poppers, mini cheesecakes, and baked pimento cheese spread. I showered and got ready, loaded up the car, stopped by Chick-fil-a to get Moms tray she had ordered and off I was.

We had a great time at mom and dads and spent some quality time with our family. We opened presents and ate SO MUCH FOOD. But it was delicious! Then I took a little cat nap and it was time for the Christmas Eve service at church. It's one of my favorites of the year! Afterwards we headed home to feed Murphy then jumped right back in the car to go to Dads side of the family. Again, food was consumed, presents were opened and good times were had. Family just warms my heart!

We crashed in bed that night and woke up bright and early on Christmas Day. We jumped in our Christmas jams, jumped on the bed singing a little jingle about it being Christmas...then I may or may not have forced Josh to bunny hop down the hall with me while chanting "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" That's a good man I tell you. We opened our presents and stockings and Murphy tore into his and it was a perfect first Christmas in our little humble home. We had Christmas music playing, Christmas candles lit and the smell of coffee filled the kitchen. I adore my little family, they mean so much to me! I must tell you about the pure JOY Murphy had when he got his new ball. I wish I had it on video! Josh opened it and handed it to him and I kid you not, Murph's eyes got so big and he got the happiest look on his little face! He chased the ball around the house, dashed into the backyard, ran around like CRAZY, then flew back in the door. Oh, it was priceless!
Once we looked through all of our goodies we headed to mom and dads to do our Christmas with them and OH MY GOODNESS they got us too much stuff! We must have been really good this year! Truly, they outdid themselves. Granny and Papa came over and did presents too! Mom cooked a huge and scrumptious breakfast for us before we had to hit the road to Aiken. Mom has been longing for a Keurig so Josh and I got her one and she was shocked! I have been so excited to give her that gift, it almost slipped a few times before Christmas! Josh and Dad got matching shirts and mom and I got matching shirts...family photos in the near future?! Haha!
After we left my parents we hit the road to Aiken to spend the day with Josh's family...where I took no pictures, SHAME ON ME! His mom takes TONS of photos so I need to steal some from her to document our day! Josh, his sister Jenny, and I all got iPhones so we were obsessing over them most of the day, haha! Just like my parents, they showered us with so many gifts. Blessings are abundant in our families and for that I am so thankful!

Speaking of having an iPhone, you know the first thing I got was instagram! Holla! My name on there is lindsaybcolvin. I'm catching up on following all of you!

I hope everyones Christmas was filled with a little magic, a lot of love, and most of all remember the reason that we get to even celebrate. A sweet little baby that was born. I saw this on twitter and it rang so true "Without the cradle, there is no cross." Amen.

Enjoy your weekend!!


First Married Christmas...Memorable...In a No Good Very Bad Way

I hope y'all had the best Christmas and spent wonderful, blessed time with family and friends! Josh and I had a great first married Christmas and got way too many presents from our families...those guys must love us a lot! I'll do a good recap of Christmas a little later but today I have quite the story for you, it goes a little something like this...

We did a bit of traveling on Christmas day and weren't able to get home in time to feed Murphy on his normal schedule so my mom and dad went over and fed him for us. Well, mom left a bag of fudge on the bar and when we walked in the door last night around 10:15 the bag was laying on the floor...EMPTY.

Y'ALL, I almost had a heart attack. Obviously, chocolate is like poison for dogs. Murphy came flying in the back door when we got home and was as happy as could be but his stomach was HUGE. So clearly, after I saw him and his belly, I almost lost it AGAIN. Josh and I were both looking at each other like "this is not real life, we're going to wake up from a bad dream." We were SO tired when we got home...we started our day at 7:15 and had been running from house to house and town to town all day long. All we wanted to do was take a shower, cuddle with our pup and jump in bed...because we both have to work today.

Murphy was acting fine when we got home, just happy to see us as usual. He was so excited about all his toys he got yesterday, he was running around the house playing with all of them. Despite him not acting sick, we knew we had to do SOMETHING to get the chocolate out of his system. So Josh starts googling, I'm holding Murph and sweet talking him, and this is all just about to go straight to cray town. Josh finds out that we're probably teetering on the line of moderate to severe sickness with him so we decide to try and make him throw up. We need hydrogen peroxide to do that...even though we swore we did, we didn't have any. We live within 2 seconds of like ten drug stores...all closed. So Josh ventures out to find something open, finds the sketchiest gas station in town and was able to get a bottle.

All the while I'm home with the buddy SOBBING over him. Y'all, I was one big hot mess. I was just crying and praying over him and telling him how much I loved him...over and over and over again. He still seemed fine but drank a TON of water at one point...which is a bad sign once a dog has had chocolate. Josh gets home and we wrangle Murph into the backyard to try and pour the peroxide down his throat...that is an adventure to say the least. Were in our backyard basically looking like crazy people I'm sure, I'm in this ridiculous outfit that consist of half of my Christmas outfit and a scarf and jacket that just DO not match, dog fur is all over me, my hair is a HOT mess, Josh had on this jacket from like 10th grade, and we both look (and feel) like we've been hit by a bus...and backed over a few times. We put him on his harness and leash to try and keep him somewhat still and I got his mouth pried open but Josh got about half of the peroxide on me and about 1/4 in his mouth. So we try and again and just a drop gets in his mouth and then again one more time but didn't get much in his mouth again. We waited about 15 minutes to see if he would throw up but we didn't have any luck. So Josh calls the emergency vet, they say bring him in so off we go. We're looking at about 11:30 at this point.

It's 11:45 when we pull into the vet, Murphy refuses to go in (I don't blame him though, doctors aren't the most fun places in the world) so I have to carry him in while Josh is filling out paperwork and then they whisked him off to the back.

We're called into this little waiting room and I am just stressing to the max by now. I told Josh "if this is what feeling like an adult is like, I'm not digging it" HA! All the way there  I am imagining what this vet bill is going to be and I know it's not going to be pretty...in the least. I guess this is a good time to mention that we just had to put new brakes, wheal bearings and tires on my car last Thursday...yippy skippy.

We give them all of the details that we knew and wait about 5 minutes and a nurse comes in and said they induced vomiting and he threw up chocolate and large amounts of food...then she asked him if we gave him pasta...what in the world!??! No he hasn't had pasta, where is this coming from?!? Turns out it was a bone...how that got mixed up to be pasta...I have no idea. Josh and I were just about delirious while we were waiting in that room.

So we wait a good hour and the doctor comes in and gives us all the details on Murph...his heart rate was 240! 240!!!!!!!!!!! She said his normal heart rate should be between 80 and 100....you can imagine how big my eyes were at this point and how fast MY heart was racing! She then says "has anyone ever told you he has a heart murmur?" UM NO. So, there's that too. Then it gets better she says "He is going to have to stay in ICU tonight and we will need to have him for 24 hours...and we're looking at a bill of around $1,000 to $1,200."

I don't have the words you guys...I just don't have the words. I knew it was going to be expensive, I did...but...wow. My heart sunk...and not just because of the money, more so because I knew our little buddy was going to be so afraid staying the night somewhere unusual and the vet told us that he was most likely going to be OK...but she was a little more worried than usual. She then asked us if he wanted to see him before we left to give him some smooches and I said you bet bring him now please!!!!!!! I told myself not to cry when I saw him...and I must say I held it together pretty good. He came in the room and just looked exhausted but was SO happy to see us...his tail was waging SO hard and he had me by the arm and didn't want to let go. I practically pushed Josh out of the way so I could hold my little man (sorry babe!) I told him how much we loved him and that they were going to take very good care of him and then he had to go back to be monitored. GoodNESS was I holding back the tears. So we go to the front desk...drop a DEPOSIT of $1,000 and were out the door.

We finally got in bed around 1:30 and when we walked in our room Murphy's two new toys were laying on our bed...cue the tears again. We crashed when we got in bed and our 7:00 alarm went off way too soon. The vet called his morning and said he heart rate was back down to 130 and that he was making progress and doing well. We'll be expecting another call this afternoon to see when we can get him. And I PRAY it is before the full 24 hours or else it's going to be another late night for us.

So that is how we ended Christmas...not where we wanted to be, but I'm so glad that we were able to get him there and they could give him the care hee needed. Josh and I love that dog so much y'all. So the next few months will consist of saving money to replenish our savings account...all for the love of that little dog that has stolen our hearts. Oh, and I'm not sure I'm going to let mom be on Murphy duty anymore ;)

And has also stolen a Pandora charm from under the tree in the last week...we asked the vet if he threw that up...just our luck, he didn't.

So if you could say a little prayer for our sweet Murphy (and Josh and I) today...I sure would appreciate it.

Back soon with happier Christmas stories :) At least we have a memorable story for our first married Christmas...right?!


2013 in Review (the first 1/2)

How I'm sitting down to write my 2013 year in review post is beyond me. Wow. This year flew by but what a fantastic, fun-filled year it was! Let's look back...

--We rang in the New Year with a memorable night with my favorite girls!

--We celebrated Josh's 28th birthday this month!!

--We picked our wedding venue and date this month after a long, frustrating search.

--I wrapped up my pageantry days by participating in my last  pageant, Miss Lander. I was awarded Miss Congeniality and was totally honored and humbled by that.


--I celebrated my last homecoming at Lander and was on homecoming court escorted by my sweet dad.

--I spent a weekend in the mountains with my sorority sisters on my very last Spring Retreat, it was bittersweet!

--I hopped across the pond to LONDON for Spring Break. SUCH an incredible trip and I really, really hope to go back one day with my husband.

--We took our engagement pictures this month!!

 photo 84_zps4d4c05c4.jpg

--I made my first trip to August this month and went to the Masters and loved every second of it!

--A big life event took place in April, I graduated college! It was definitely one of my proudest moments and I LOVED walking across the stage and getting my degree!
 photo 048-1_zpsfc7826d7.jpg
 photo 073-1_zpsd9df5d1e.jpg
--My girlfriends and I took our, hopefully to be annual, girls trip to Panama City! It was so nice to unwind right after graduation and enjoy times with my girls!
 photo 019-5_zpsb5d7ed70.jpg
 photo 029-2_zps2718fabc.jpg

--This month I interviewed and accepted my first job offer!!

--We sent out our save-the-dates this month and the wedding started to feel real!
 photo STD1_zps22498698.jpg
 photo 001-13_zps350bf4d5.jpg

--A lot of wedding planning took place in June. It was a tough month, but a good one nonetheless. Josh and I were tested and tried over and over again but we prevailed and came out stronger than ever.

--I tried my hand at a delicious baked pimento cheese dip, one of my very first recipes to take a stab at! It was a success!

 photo 008-4_zpsfe670cc2.jpg

The first half of 2013 was wonderful and action packed and the action certainly doesn't slow down for the second half of the year! Recap coming soon!