It is finals week...or sometimes better known as death week. 

So I'm going to take today to gripe and make my complaints about finals known. 

Indulge me for a little ok? 

Students all over America learn tons and tons and tons of information over the course of a semester. Take tests, get grades, the whole nine yards. And then at the end of the semester professors are so cruel as to make you take a cumulative exam and recall EVERYTHING...that you've already been tested on. It's just awful, if you ask me. 

And a lot of the time, it's your Gen. Ed. classes that have cumulative finals...now tell me, what will I ever do with most of the information in my Gen. Ed. classes after college? 

You're right, probably nothing. 

But alas, I must take these 6 exams and I have no doubt it will be horrible, horrific, terrible, and awful. 

But I am thankful to be in higher education, feeding my mind, and getting a diploma that (better) get me a darn good job one day. 

So for that college, I am thankful. For finals week, I am not. 

Here's to making it until Friday. And here are my sentiments about college. 

Middle class white people problems

If that is not the truth, I have no idea what is. 

Happy Monday friends, almost done with this semester and my first to last exam week evaaah!


  1. Girl, you said it!!
    Best of luck!
    Bet you cannot wait til their over!! =)

    1. I am chopping at the bit for them to be DONE! Lol Thank you!


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