Because I love my blog friends so much I am going to share with you today what's hot and cheap and what's absolutely cheap but not hot. 

I've experimented with quite a few products and taken all the pain upon myself when they were absolutely terrible, just so that I could report back to you lovely people so that you don't have to go through the same pain :) Great, right?

I love a good deal, no doubt about that. And if I find something that is cheap AND fantastic, I can't help but share. I also can't help but tell you what to stay away from, even if it is cheap. 

So let's get started shall we? 

Suave Clinical Protection Deodorant
 I'm a girl that likes serious protection from odor under my arms but deo is ex-pen-sive, can I get an amen? Well, I've tried everything on the market and Suave is fab-u-lous and is a fab-u-lous price. Trust. That's hot. 

Family Dollar brand fancy razor look alikes.
(I can't even find a picture for these but they are pink, beware!)
 Anybody else with me when I say I feel a serious pain on my wallet when it's time to replace razors? SO EXPENSIVE, like what the heck?! I hate shaving anyway and knowing that I paid an arm and a leg for a razor, yuck. Anyways, I bought these back in August because they looked like the fancy Venus ones and weren't all that cheap but certainly not as expensive as Venus. But let me tell you, these things are awful. Like, don't even shave the hair off your leg and the razor head flew off the other day and went flying through the shower. Awful. Absolutely not. 

Hard Candy Primer
This bad boy comes from Wal-Mart and is like $6. Great size and a great product. Love it, feels like silk on your skin! That's hot. 

Elf mascara
This almost pains me to put it on here because you guys all know, I love elf products. But I got a tube of their mascara in an eyeshadow kit thing I bought one day and that stuff was horendous. It did nothing to my eyelashes, I mean noooooothing. It was just terrible mascara. Maybe a different kind of Elf that doesn't come with a kit will work better? Absolutely not.

Happy Thursday! Go find you a deal!

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