I think stockings are so fun at Christmas! My mom (and Josh too) are SO good at finding stocking stuffers! Mom always has my stocking filled to the brim and it is so fun to open on Christmas morning! She also can find the cutest stockings ever. Mine at home is currently a high heeled stocking with a bedazzled santa belt, haha! Something neat that Josh does is that he wraps everything in my stocking individually in wrapping paper and it's fun to have lots of little things to open.

Today I want to talk a little about some fun things you can put in your loved one's stockings this year!


For her:
- a charm for her charm bracelet (Josh gave me a puppy and elephant last year, in love!)
-favorite candy (duh)
-pair of earrings
-cute keychain
-eyeshadow (or makeup) brushes
-hot chocolate
-small devotional
-a good book

For him:
-iTunes gift card
-fun sports cups
-favorite candy
-cuff links
-sports coasters
-small devotional
-a good book

All of the items listed above I have received in my stocking or given to someone in theirs. Stockings are perfect for the little gifts that you happen to stumble upon when out Christmas shopping!

Many things in his and her stocking can overlap like candy, books, etc.

I hope this list gives you a good idea of things to pick from if you're stumped with your stocking stuffing!

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  1. great list! i love that clear mug :) we don't do stockings at our house... we will once we have kids, but for now since we're never at our house on christmas i figure there isnt much of a point.


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