I'm going to forgo a weekend update today and talk about the shooting in Newtown, because I need to, I need to write it out. 

On Friday I saw the chatter on twitter about a shooting so I flipped through my channels until I found a news station covering the story. When I heard that an elementary school had gone under attack I literally did not have the words to say. I was completely in shock. 

After watching a lot, probably too much, coverage over the weekend my heart is just so heart and so sad. I can't even begin to wrap my head around what these families and this town is feeling right now. Violence in the world is a scary, scary thing. 

To think about all those little babies that won't get to live out there life is so saddening to me. I'm going to get One thing I to wake up, Lord willing, on Christmas morning and open my gifts and spend time with my family. While so many families in CT are going to be continuing to mourn their loss. Those little babies probably had a tree full of gifts with their names on them...and most importantly, a whole life ahead of them that they won't ever get to live out. 

It is BEYOND me that someone can be so cruel and so cowardly. 

One thing that I do know is that I hope the families that lost their babies or lost an adult, I hope that they know the Lord. He will rescue them from this pain and hurt and the loss that I'm sure is filling their soul. He will take good care of those babies and those adults in heaven and I am sure they are looking down wanting to wipe away the tears of their families right now. 

My prayer for this community is that they are able to come together in this time and love and care for one another. I truly believe that for every mean person in this world, there are 5 more people doing some good. I know that this tragedy will take quite some time to heal from but I pray that their healing has started and that they keep the memories of their loved ones near to their heart forever. 

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