I had the privilege of having lots of "friend" time this weekend and it was fabulous!

Friday night Mackenzie, Paige, Caroline and I went out for a dinner date. We rode through the Christmas lights in Uptown and listened to Christmas music, it was heavenly. We ate dinner at The Mill House, which is a local pizza place that is total heaven. Oh my gosh, they have the BEST pizza. I ate too much but I did have enough for leftovers for dinner on Saturday night. 

We had a TON of laughs and lots of girl talks, spending time with friends makes my heart so happy
Photo: Dinner Date with these lovelies :) They sure do give me a good laugh!

On Saturday I had to be up and going by 7:30 for our Open House. It was a pretty big crowd, over 700 people on campus and it was SO cold on our tours! But my tour group was really sweet and the day went by fast. After Open House I had a fantastic nap and then I worked on my blog some..like the new look? I'm in love! And I FINALLY have a nav bar, can I get a hallelujah?!

That night I was headed over to Mackenzie's to watch a movie and eat our leftover pizza but to my surprise when I get in my car it wont crank...the battery is dead. Great. So I had campus police give me a jump start and I recruited Kenz to follow me to Auto Zone and the very sweet people there got me all set up...$122 later! Lord a mercy! Who knew that batteries were so expensive?! And WHAT is the deal with fancy schmancy cars now-a-days not having some sort of light or SOMETHING to let you know that your battery is almost dead? This isn't rocket science people! 

Sunday I went to church with a few friends then  had lunch together. I took another glorious nap, worked on a few papers for school and went to Zumba with the girls. It was a great weekend that filled my heart to the brim with love and thankfulness for my friends. 



  1. I hear ya about buying a battery for your car! I HATE buying things for my car lol even though I need it, I still wish that everything on it lasted forever and it never needed anything new! haha wishful thinking I guess

    Happy Thanksgiving week girly :)


    1. Girl I am with you, cars should last forever and all their parts too!
      Happy Thanksgiving week to you, I hope you enjoy it :)


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