Let's see a show of hands of those who love a good deal and still great a quality item? 

If you could see me right now, both of my hands are raised. 

Groupon and Living Social are "daily deal" type sites and are PERFECT, let me repeat, PERFECT for Christmas gifts.

I've already ordered 2 things for mom and one thing for mom and dad together for Christmas off of both of those sites I listed above. I'm still on the search for dad something off of either of those sites, we'll see if the perfect thing pops up within the next few weeks. 

I especially like Groupon for gift type items because they have a "Goods" section that is FANTASTIC. They have such great things on there! 

Also, both of these sites have great deals for specific things in your area. Like deals on haircuts, massages, restaurants, local activities  etc. And if you're in the market for taking a vacation, definitely look at both of these sites first to see if they have a deal for the destination you are wanting to go. They have awesome deals on cabins and the like in the mountains for the winter months. 

I've been using Groupon and Living Social for a while now but I am especially impressed this holiday season with their options for gifts. 

Go check it out! 


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