I am currently sitting in my PJ's knocking out an insane amount of schoolwork. Thank goodness for no Friday classes which allows me to sleep late then sit in my pajamas and do school work. Not having an alarm go off this morning was total heaven. 

Today is just going to be a bunch of random thoughts, ok? OK! 

1. I have a 750 word paper due today...for an online class...that the professor has posted nothing on except the syllabus at the beginning of the semester...and the paper has to be about something we've read in the class...except we haven't read anything. So I am currently a touch aggravated about this...hence why I had to take a break and blog. 

2. In better news, it's official...I am spending my spring break in LONDON! I got the confirmation email this morning and I am ecstatic. I wish it was spring break tomorrow, oh my goodness! 

3. It's almost Thanksgiving break and I need it bad...although I do have a lot of school work that needs to get done over break. 

4. Is it obvious yet that I am clearly over college? 

5. I believe there's a dinner date on the sched with my lady friends tonight and that I am quite looking forward to!

Happy Friday, friends! Have a marvelous weekend!


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