Love a Good Vlog: Girl Behind the Blog


I'm linking up today with Erin and Ashley for The Girl Behind The Blog: Vlog!

Today's topic is 3 things you can't live without, I hope you guys enjoy the video and go link up with these fabulous ladies! Both of them are rockstar bloggers, trust!

You guys all know that I love a good vlog and I L O V E watching vlogs! Call me crazy but I love being able to actually see and hear the women behind the blogs that I read everyday, I think it's awesome. 

Happy November everyone! 3 weeks until Thanksgiving, craziness!signaturebest.jpg


  1. I say its ok that you choose 3 as 1 in the beginning .. they are all in the same category haha. Glad you linked up again girl!

    1. I LOVE your blog link-ups. They are my favorite to do!


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