When I told Josh I had on his faaaavorite shirt, he laughed. When I showed him this shirt that I was so excited I got, he looked at me like I had lost my marbles. I told him, trust ya girl, even if it's not cute on the hanger, you know I can do something to pull it off. Now, I of course thought it was adorbs on the hanger, hence why I bought it. 

And this shirt did not disappoint. I am obsessed with this outfit. And apparently others are too, I got a lot of compliments on it which made me feel good! I get nervous when wearing leggings as "pants" but I'm glad that I did with this outfit. I think jeans would have taken away from it. 

And how comfortable this outfit is! That is always a win. I told Josh I felt like Big Bird with the fluffies on the front of the shirt, someone even asked me if they could rub it haha! Josh then told me I probably looked like fluffalufagous. I'll take that. A very cute fluffalufagous if I do say so myself. 


Let me tell y'all a funny story about these leggings. I knew I had some brown leggings in my drawer so when I decided leggings is what I was going to do for this outfit I pulled open the drawer and got them out. I them notice a tiny little bird on these leggings. Now, I haven't worn these in years, I literally don't even know how I've kept up with them but these bad boys are from Hollister...a size small (which in Hollister terms is like a size XXXXXXS). Y'all I stood in my closet laughing at how long I'd had these things...I'm pretty sure I got them my 8th grade year of school...8TH GRADE! So I slip them on and the crotch part is like ta-iny. Literally, so tiny. But they still fit, and did the job. I am now putting brown leggings on my Christmas list. Haha!


  1. LOL on the pants! That shirt is sooo pretty!! Looks comfy too! =)

  2. love the outfit! the shirt is really pretty!

    ps: i love your new blog design!

  3. I love this outfit! I am a fan of branching out and trying odd things. I've recently just started wearing "leggings as pants." I was nervous at first but now I want to do it everyday!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

    1. Haha I was so nervous, all day I was thinking "pretty sure people are looking at my butt"!


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