DIY & Cheap: Microdermabrasion

OK, before you even read this. Go to your cabinet and get a box of baking soda. If you don't have any, run to the store real quick like and grab a box then come back. Get a bowl, a spoon and some water while you're at it. I'll wait. 

Now that you're back and ready to go, let me change your life. 

I did a DIY Microdermabrasion the other night that I saw pinned on pinterest and holy moly it made my skin feel the cleanest it has ever felt. Seriously. Apparently Lauren Conrad uses this and attributes it to her honest-to-goodness beautiful glow. I don't know that my skin is glowing like hers quite yet, but I'm hopeful. 

You're supposed to add 3 tablespoons baking soda and 1 tablespoon water but I found it easier to just dump some baking soda in the bowl then add a little water and judge for yourself. You want it to be thick and pasty, about the consistency of toothpaste. It's very easy to judge. It took me just a few tries to get the right amount of water and baking soda. Also make sure your face is clean before you do this!

Mix it all together then slather it all over your face. Be very gentle when putting it on and rub in a slow, circular motion. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then rinse it all off with cool water. I rinsed my face a lot to ensure it all come off since it was so thick. 

My skin felt the cleanest it has ever felt and like satin after I took it off, it was wonderful! I think I'm going to incorporate this into my skin care routine every week or 2. All of the articles I read said it is great for your skin and with continued use will help your skin have a glow as well as get rid of all those nasty, dead skin cells! 


Disclaimer: I better be getting some serious blogger points for these up close photos without makeup. Seriously can't believe I'm posting these, for the love of the blog, for the love of the blog. And there is something in my teeth, isn't THAT cute?! 

All baking soda'ed up!


Tell me I'm glowing already! Hahahaha kidding! 

We are all officially best friends for life since I have now posted to the whole world my face without makeup. And black things in my teeth. Oh bless.

After I rinsed it all off I used my toner and then moisturizer.

Go treat yourself to this SUPER easy and SUPER cheap microdermabrasion lovebugs!



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