Because I Can

Last week I marched my happy little finally-of-age-to-vote self to the post office, paid for my postage, slapped stamps on my big packet, and mailed off my absentee vote. 

And boy did it feel good. 


It's our right as Americans to go vote, so exercise that right! It is SO nice to live in a country of freedom and have the ability to vote for our leaders. 

I would prefer if you got in line to vote today and casted a ballot for #RomneyRyan....BUT do your thang and vote for whomever you feel will lead our country best, it's our right! 

Proudly wear your "I Voted" sticker today. 

Because you know what's lame? When you do absentee voting, you get no sticker...booooo! 

Finally a registered voter, I feel officially American now. 

Happy Election day friends!

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