I recently signed up for Influenster after I saw it on a few blogs. I thought the program that Influenster does was really neat and something so different! I got an email a few weeks ago that I was chosen to receive the College VoxBox, to say I was excited is an understatement.

What is Influenster you ask?
 "Basically, Influenster is a place for culture junkies to come together and share their unique opinions of products and experiences. Active members of Influenster get exclusive access to deals, promotions, and swag from brands that thrive off the input (the good, the bad, and the ugly -- they just want to know what's up)."

 They then sent me the College Vox Box to review and it finally came in the mail this week, I've been patiently waiting on it! 

I was thrilled to open it as soon as I retrieved it from the mail room and was actually at lunch with a few friends so we kind of all got to review it together. 

Inside the box was a variety of items. I got eyeliner, energy sheets, press on nails, a pen and wafers.

My favorite item was the pen. I LOVED how this pen writes and I will definitely be on the hunt for a pack of these. Finding a good pen is hard to do but I think this one may be the jackpot. It's a Pentel EnerGel pen. Go get one!

The eyeliner was really fun. It has a sparkle to it but its subtle. Enough to make a difference but not look like a clown or obnoxious. It has just a touch of glitter in it, great for a fancy night out. It is NYC Show Time. 

The tropical wafers I wasn't a huge fan of. They kind of tasted like tums or medicine. They were just really chalky. I let my friends taste them as well and their reactions were about the same. Maybe if they were chewy and a little less wafer like? But I guess that would defeat the purpose of being a wafer...maybe more success if they were more like a candy. These are Necco Tropical Wafers. 

The energy sheets were definitely something I had never seen or heard of. I'll be honest, anything (drinks, sheets, etc.) that say it gives energy scares me. I've just never been a fan of energy boosting things (that aren't all natural). But I did try one of these sheets, it tasted delish haha! I'm not sure if it gave me tons of energy but then again I only took one and you can take up to 3. I do think these were pretty decent though and I thought the packaging was very nice. Also, it comes with a fun sticker! These could potentially be great for people who rely on energy drinks or the like on a weekly basis. These are Energy Sheets.

The imPRESS press on nails I haven't used yet but I will say that I have heard great reviews about this product. I'm not much on wild nails but I do have a friend that is so I may pass these along and let her tell me how she likes them.

I hope to be able to review more boxes from Influenster in the future, I'm off to gather myself some more badges and boost my score!

* I received all of these items complimentary from Influenster to test out and then review on my blog. 



So, I have this kind of odd quirk...or habit I guess you could say. I am always dressed up, always. And when I mean dressed up, I don't mean dressed to the nine's everyday but I do mean, nice outfit, hair and makeup done everyday. 

I literally can't stand the thought of going out and going to class or whatever I may be doing that day and not looking polished and put together. Drives.Me.Crazy.

I've never worn sweats and a t shirt to class, not in middle school, not in high school and not in college...I just don't like thinking of presenting myself that way. Now, don't let me come off like a snob, if dressing down is your thing, then you rock it. Just like dressing up is mine and I own it. 

To me, dressing nice everyday shows that I care about myself and my appearance and that I respect myself a lot. I hope that shows through the effort that is apparent that I put into my image and appearance each day. And looking nice each day just makes me feel good, gives me a pep in my step. 

I also really love fashion so I absolutely enjoy getting up every morning and getting to put together a new outfit and experiment with the things I have in my closet. I also hate for my hair to look the same everyday...weird, I know. So I try to do something different with my hair each day of the week. Now, sometimes it may just be straight and down a few days in a row. But I like to curl it some days, top knot some days, pony tail some days, half up half down some days, the list goes on. 

My appearance is so important to me and this is a trait I hope I keep forever. I'll never gripe about having to get up just a little early to make myself look good. 

And I've been doing it for so long that I've got it mastered now, my "getting ready time" would probably blow your mind. It is literally no time at all but you'd think it was hours! 

Here's to looking fabulous friends, dressed up or down!




I Love My Dog

Oh you guys, today's topic is oh so close to my heart. I cannot explain to you how much I love animals. And how much I love dogs, especially. 

I've had a dog all my life and I can't imagine life without one. You have no idea how hard it is to be at school and not a fluffy companion here with me. I truly believe a dog (or pet) completes someone's soul. 

I have a black lab and her name is Dixie and that babygirl is my heart and soul. She's starting to get old and I swear to you I'm going to sprinkle live-forever-dust on her so she stays with me forever. She is so sweet spirited and has been the best dog ever. Hardly ever barks, and when she does it is just precious because she has the girliest little bark ever, so.cute!

I also have 2 other pups, Lilly and Daisy. Techincally, they are the neighbors dogs, but they live at our house haha! Lilly has the most personality of a dog that I have EVER seen and an attitude? Ohhhh girl, you just don't know! If she is not happy with you, her facial expressions will tell all...it is completely adorable. And she loves to pet people! Its hysterical, if you pet her, she'll pet you. And Daisy, bless her. That's my girl. She's a big black lab and clumsy and hyper and adorable. She loves to swim, play ball, slobber on everything in sight...she is precious. She's huge but will still crawl right in your lap to take a little nap. 

Dogs have been apart of my life forever and they are such faithful companions. I treasure all the walks and car rides I get to take with my girls, all the days where I just lay on the floor and cuddle with them like little babies, the trips to the vet that are total adventures to even get them in the door (much less to the back room for a check up!), all the times I've thrown the ball across the yard or been swimming together. All of these moments I will treasure forever. 

I love my girls so much! 

They take golf cart rides together, it really is the cutest thing you've ever seen. I love these puppies, they're my girls.

Here's to dogs that make life a little more wonderful.



comfortable and cute. 

That is my motto. I always want to look cute when I shop...not too overdone, not like I just rolled out of my bed. 

This outfit is peeerfect. A nice pair a jeans, good shoes to walk all day in, and a scarf...good for if it's cold outside and you can take it off if it gets too hot! 

I also like to have on something that is easy to get in and out of if you have to try on a lot things. Nothing more frustrating than having something hard to take on and off when you're out shopping. I also like to wear jeans/pants that are easy to move in. I'm the kind of shopper that looks high and low for things when I'm out. So I need bottoms (and tops) that are easy to bend down and reach for things in. 

I also try to wear very uncomplicated hairdos when I go out shopping. Especially if I know I'm going for clothes. Call me crazy but after you put tops on and off all day, ya hair starts to look ca-razy. Or maybe that's just me? Anytime I do something super cute with my hair when I'm out my bobby pins will start to fall out, my hair gets a lump in it, always something. So wearing it down it easy to straighten back out and make it look good even after pulling things over my head all day!


What's your favorite attire when out shopping? 



Sorry for my absence you guys. I've been enjoying my time off from school and surprisingly enough I had have zero time for all social media, can't say that I minded it. But I am glad to be catching up on all of my favorite blogs and updating you guys on what I've been up to the last few days!

Thanksgiving was wonderful! I spent lots of time with my family, ate SO MUCH FOOD. So much. But it was so good, so it was all worth it. We celebrated Kaylee's birthday on Thanksgiving and I went ice skating, it was a great Thanksgiving and I am so blessed and thankful for those that are in my life. Enjoy the photo overload! By the way, how hilarious are mom's cookies? Dad said they are as big as hockey pucks haha!


We waited in like for like a million hours to ice skate. But it was opening night and it was free, so we weren't exactly complaining. This man and his son plowed RIGHT into the back of me and I wiped out big time...my butt hurt for a few days after haha! But I'm pretty decent at ice skating, I was doing some turns and attempting to skate backwards. 

On Friday mom and I hit the crowds for Black Friday shopping. We didn't get up early like we normally do but we were on the road at 8:30. We found some pretty good deals and any day that we spend out shopping we enjoy. What I did not enjoy was the traffic and the ignorant people driving on the roads. I got cut off so many times, bless. That night I met up with Rebecca and enjoyed a Starbucks date and Josh and I got the tree at the apartment put up. 


Saturday mom and I went to a craft show and found some really cute things! Then we went and picked out our Christmas tree and got the house all decorated, I just love Christmas time! That night Josh and I went out with some friends to watch the Carolina vs. Clemson game and Carolina WON!!! I was so happy, our rivalry is HUGE! 


Today Josh and I finished up the tree at the apartment then I headed back to school. How did this break go by so fast?!? It makes me a little sad. But two more weeks of class, exam week, then Christmas break!

I got these stockings for $7 off a Living Social deal last Christmas!

My sorority has formal at the end of this week and that just may be the only thing getting me through. The schoolwork that lies ahead of me is unbelievable. 

I hope everyone has a marvelous Thanksgiving. I am thankful for this blog and especially thankful for all of my followers!



Let's see a show of hands of those who love a good deal and still great a quality item? 

If you could see me right now, both of my hands are raised. 

Groupon and Living Social are "daily deal" type sites and are PERFECT, let me repeat, PERFECT for Christmas gifts.

I've already ordered 2 things for mom and one thing for mom and dad together for Christmas off of both of those sites I listed above. I'm still on the search for dad something off of either of those sites, we'll see if the perfect thing pops up within the next few weeks. 

I especially like Groupon for gift type items because they have a "Goods" section that is FANTASTIC. They have such great things on there! 

Also, both of these sites have great deals for specific things in your area. Like deals on haircuts, massages, restaurants, local activities  etc. And if you're in the market for taking a vacation, definitely look at both of these sites first to see if they have a deal for the destination you are wanting to go. They have awesome deals on cabins and the like in the mountains for the winter months. 

I've been using Groupon and Living Social for a while now but I am especially impressed this holiday season with their options for gifts. 

Go check it out! 



When I told Josh I had on his faaaavorite shirt, he laughed. When I showed him this shirt that I was so excited I got, he looked at me like I had lost my marbles. I told him, trust ya girl, even if it's not cute on the hanger, you know I can do something to pull it off. Now, I of course thought it was adorbs on the hanger, hence why I bought it. 

And this shirt did not disappoint. I am obsessed with this outfit. And apparently others are too, I got a lot of compliments on it which made me feel good! I get nervous when wearing leggings as "pants" but I'm glad that I did with this outfit. I think jeans would have taken away from it. 

And how comfortable this outfit is! That is always a win. I told Josh I felt like Big Bird with the fluffies on the front of the shirt, someone even asked me if they could rub it haha! Josh then told me I probably looked like fluffalufagous. I'll take that. A very cute fluffalufagous if I do say so myself. 


Let me tell y'all a funny story about these leggings. I knew I had some brown leggings in my drawer so when I decided leggings is what I was going to do for this outfit I pulled open the drawer and got them out. I them notice a tiny little bird on these leggings. Now, I haven't worn these in years, I literally don't even know how I've kept up with them but these bad boys are from Hollister...a size small (which in Hollister terms is like a size XXXXXXS). Y'all I stood in my closet laughing at how long I'd had these things...I'm pretty sure I got them my 8th grade year of school...8TH GRADE! So I slip them on and the crotch part is like ta-iny. Literally, so tiny. But they still fit, and did the job. I am now putting brown leggings on my Christmas list. Haha!



I had the privilege of having lots of "friend" time this weekend and it was fabulous!

Friday night Mackenzie, Paige, Caroline and I went out for a dinner date. We rode through the Christmas lights in Uptown and listened to Christmas music, it was heavenly. We ate dinner at The Mill House, which is a local pizza place that is total heaven. Oh my gosh, they have the BEST pizza. I ate too much but I did have enough for leftovers for dinner on Saturday night. 

We had a TON of laughs and lots of girl talks, spending time with friends makes my heart so happy
Photo: Dinner Date with these lovelies :) They sure do give me a good laugh!

On Saturday I had to be up and going by 7:30 for our Open House. It was a pretty big crowd, over 700 people on campus and it was SO cold on our tours! But my tour group was really sweet and the day went by fast. After Open House I had a fantastic nap and then I worked on my blog some..like the new look? I'm in love! And I FINALLY have a nav bar, can I get a hallelujah?!

That night I was headed over to Mackenzie's to watch a movie and eat our leftover pizza but to my surprise when I get in my car it wont crank...the battery is dead. Great. So I had campus police give me a jump start and I recruited Kenz to follow me to Auto Zone and the very sweet people there got me all set up...$122 later! Lord a mercy! Who knew that batteries were so expensive?! And WHAT is the deal with fancy schmancy cars now-a-days not having some sort of light or SOMETHING to let you know that your battery is almost dead? This isn't rocket science people! 

Sunday I went to church with a few friends then  had lunch together. I took another glorious nap, worked on a few papers for school and went to Zumba with the girls. It was a great weekend that filled my heart to the brim with love and thankfulness for my friends. 




I am currently sitting in my PJ's knocking out an insane amount of schoolwork. Thank goodness for no Friday classes which allows me to sleep late then sit in my pajamas and do school work. Not having an alarm go off this morning was total heaven. 

Today is just going to be a bunch of random thoughts, ok? OK! 

1. I have a 750 word paper due today...for an online class...that the professor has posted nothing on except the syllabus at the beginning of the semester...and the paper has to be about something we've read in the class...except we haven't read anything. So I am currently a touch aggravated about this...hence why I had to take a break and blog. 

2. In better news, it's official...I am spending my spring break in LONDON! I got the confirmation email this morning and I am ecstatic. I wish it was spring break tomorrow, oh my goodness! 

3. It's almost Thanksgiving break and I need it bad...although I do have a lot of school work that needs to get done over break. 

4. Is it obvious yet that I am clearly over college? 

5. I believe there's a dinner date on the sched with my lady friends tonight and that I am quite looking forward to!

Happy Friday, friends! Have a marvelous weekend!



Happy Birthday, little blog of mine. 

Every Day Life turns ONE today! It is crazy to think that a year ago I sat down to write my first blog post. I literally had no idea where this blog would go. And while I believe that it's still growing and has quite a ways to go, I am very proud and happy at how far it's come over the past year. 

Thank you so much to all of my followers, whether you've been following since a year ago or maybe just even yesterday. I hope that you stay around and make yourself at home here. 

I never would have imagined I would have fallen so in love with blogging. It truly is a part of my life now. I run around snapping pictures "for the blog". I'm always harassing someone to take a picture of me "for the blog" and I'm always saying "my blog friend, on someones blog today I saw this, let me show you this on this blog, etc". 

Blogging makes me feel at home and is like my happy place. I LOVE to write blog post and see my ideas come into something wonderful but I also equally love to read others' posts and see what is going on in their lives and make connections with people I would have never made if I didn't blog. 

I do believe I'll be in the blogging business for awhile, I don't think I could take myself away from it. 

And the products I have learned about by blogging, DIY projects I have seen and then done, fashion trends, jewelry trends...SO WONDERFUL! I LOVE trying new products and things and everyone in the blog world is always giving great tips on things. 

My hair and makeup look better than ever because of watching so many blogger tutorials, ha!

Little blog of mine, I love you. 

Cheers to the year ahead!

P.S.-- Let's celebrate with a giveaway soon, stay tuned!



I'm linking up with Shanna today for Random Wednesday. Go pay her a visit and link up too!
1. The weather this week has been somethin' else. Monday, I was burning up all day, like 70 something outside. Today, FREEZING. Killer wind and the sky looks like it could snow. This weather...bless.
2. I've gotten back into my pinterest kick lately. I'd fallen off the band wagon for awhile but fear not, I'm back on my game!
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3. Today is PAY DAY! I have been incredibly blessed with ym jobs this year and the ability to save a lot of money!
4. Tomorrow marks ONE YEAR of Every Day Life! I cannot express to y'all how much I have fallen in love with blogging. It has been such a blessing over this past year. I can't WAIT to see what the next year has in store.
5. Speaking of EDL, it has grown over the past few weeks and for that I want to say a sincere THANK YOU to every single one of my followers. You are truly appreciated.
6. Less than a week until Thanksgiving break, Hallelujah!
7. I did this gel peel off mask thing last night. So it goes on like a wet gel and then it hardens and you peel it off. Well this stuff got alllll up in my hair and once it's dry, there is like no getting it out. So today I'm rocking random flakes of a face mask..in my hair...looks just like dandruff...real cute.
8. Life is good people. I hope your's is too.
Come back tomorrow and let's celebrate EDL's birthday!