Let's Swap!

Let's be honest, my swapping/sponsoring hasn't been up to snuff lately. But I sure would like to change that.

I do FREE swapping and sponsoring here at Every Day Life.

If you're interested, shoot me an email at: lindsayblanton@att.net and let me know that you'd like to swap buttons.

Your button will go on my sidebar for the next month to 2 months and I'll do a spotlight post on you and your blog as well as social media shout outs on the blogs facebook page and my twitter account.

I think helping others promote their blogs is a great way to build community, encourage each other and meet new people.

I'd LOVE to have you here at Every Day Life so let's get to swapping!

There is also a Sponsor tab on the right side of my page under the 'Explore' heading!


  1. new[est] follower. so glad I stumbled across your blog! can't wait to keep following!

    stop by sometime!

    1. Thanks for following! I just followed you as well, your family is adorable! :)


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