Let's Recap: I'm a baller

Hey friends. Happy Monday!

My Monday has been quite the day, I kind of hit a wall with all the things that I've been doing and have going on. I'm too busy for my own good, I've lost my mojo a little bit and I think it's about time I re-evaluate everything that I have going on right now. I'm just committed to too many things and have no time for me, and barely anytime for school work, that is a problem! But anyways on to the weekend...

I went out to eat with my fam for dinner Friday night and that was great fun and I had a fantastic steak, so good! However I was SO mad that the Braves lost Friday night, that ridiculous all almost put me over the edge but that's over now. We love you Chipper! I got to see my bestie Griffyn on Friday for fro-yo. Every time we see each other it's like no time has passed since the last time we were together, that is what you call a great friendship! Columbia traffic was awful, I'm pretty sure some ugly things came out of my mouth while I was trying to cross the streets with the 32804310502386984206 other students mulling around down there and cars...oh there were cars EVERYWHERE. 

Saturday Josh and I headed down to Williams-Brice to get in the madness that was the Carolina vs. Georgia game. Saturday was the most adventure Josh and I have had in awhile and the most spontaneous we've ever been. We're "plans" kinda people and normally have a plan. Well Saturday we had no plans and just flew by the seat of our pants.   

We somehow found ourselves in the ticket sales line to get tickets to the game. Who knew they sold rando tickets before the game? I sure didn't and apparently a lot of people didn't. Well we get our little happy butts in line and it was madness. Cash was flying everywhere, this one man paid off this girl and guy for their spot in line, $80 in cash, what?!? Those tickets were selling like hot cakes. 

So we're just hanging out in line, not really knowing what were getting into and next thing you know we're in the front of the line buying tickets. I'm pretty sure I told Josh like 10 times I was going to throw up because so many people were yelling, money was flying everywhere, people were pushing and shoving. 

Did we need those tickets? Nope. Did we have money for those tickets? Ehhh we could have swung it but have much better things to spend our money on considering we've already been to a game and have tickets to another one later in the season. 

So what do any responsible adults do? Sell those bad boys for $300!!! We walked away from that game $300 richer. Now if you know Josh and I, this is out of character for us, we don't really step out of the box very often but something must have been in the water on Saturday because we were wheelin' and dealin' all OVER the place, haha! I think we skipped back to the car we were so happy!

We then got front row to see the Carolina players and Spurrier get off the bus! I got some pics and handshakes, it was great!

Then we made our way to Wild Wings to watch the game. We waited for a table for TWO hours and 15 minutes, again another thing we don't do often. 2 hours is a LONG time. But we had a blast watching the game, the atmosphere was great and 


All in all it was a great weekend. Now fall break starts on Thursday. Please Lord Jesus let me make it to Thursday, at this point it's questionable. 

Have a great week lovebugs!

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  1. Oh I totally would have done the same thing. $300? Good choice. I'm trying to make it to tomorrow, let alone Thursday.


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