Happy Halloween You Pumpkins

Happy Halloween everyone!

Nothing special planned for this girl on this Halloween night, but no worries, as a child we were all about some Halloween and I've done so serious trick-or-treating in my time. I've had my fair share of tripping over roots in the ground of peoples front yard because I was running so fast to get to the next house, and all my candy would fly everywhere and mom, dad, and I would have to pick it all up. It was truly hysterical but I'm pretty sure my parents were over it after the 4th or 5th house it'd happen at haha! And every year when we got back to the house my cousins and I would dump all of our candy in the floor and trade. Those were the days.

Josh and I promised each other to do something huge and wonderful for Halloween next year. It'll be so much easier when we're in the same town as each other and the same town as our friends.

But today I did wear my orange and black...I think I wear a version of this outfit every Halloween haha!

And I made little goodies to give to my Resident Assistants  not Halloween colored at all but it was last minute and I had to work with what I had. Everyone still loves getting candy no matter if it's in pastel colored tissue paper!

I cannot believe tomorrow starts November ..what?! I think I'm ready to get in the holiday spirit. I'm loving this time of year right now, which is unusual because I'm usually not a fan of the cold but this year I'm all about the cold weather and the holidays to come.

Must decorate my door for Thanksgiving now...I feel like I just put up my Halloween decor, time flies. And funny story, my 's' and 'y' fell off my door last week...so I was Linda...hilarious!


I hope everyone has a faaaaabulous and spooooooky Halloween!


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  1. I seriously laughed so hard for the first part of your post when you were describing running door to door and falling over tree stumps in people's yards...I did the exact same thing! Your outfit is adorable! Happy Halloween!

    Southern Glamourista


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