Elf Elf Elf

My makeup bag has been filling up with elf products from Target lately and my wallet sure doesn't mind that. 

Not sure if any of y'all have checked it out yet, you probably have, but elf is a cheap makeup line that runs at Target. I'm EXTREMELY skeptical of cheap makeup, because let's be honest, sometimes cheap makeup just sucks and looks awwwwful. But elf is not that way, no sir ree. 

I'm picky about my foundation, I like something that covers well and last all day. 

This Flawless Finish Foundation is fabulous! It works so well and smells good too! I really like the coverage and I think the color matches my skin very well. 


This bad boy is a under eye concealer and highlighter and this stuff honest to goodness works. My mom uses it as well and she has seen a SERIOUS difference in the darkness under her eyes when she wears this. I definitely recommend it!

Tone Correcting Powder
Lastly, this a tone correcting powder that I use. It really finishes off and look and works great on oily skin! It gives you an awesome matte look and sets your makeup! 

If you're looking for makeup that won't break the bank, I'd definitely recommend these products from elf. They are definite staples in a girls makeup kit and will hardly cost you anything!

You can look at elf's full line and reviews of products here. 



  1. Love love love elf products! I can't believe how well all their products work for being so cheap! Have you tried their cream eyeliner? Stays on forever without smudging!! :)

    1. Isnt' the quality of their products amazing for the price tag! So good for a makeup bag on a budget! Thanks for stopping by :)


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