Happy Halloween You Pumpkins

Happy Halloween everyone!

Nothing special planned for this girl on this Halloween night, but no worries, as a child we were all about some Halloween and I've done so serious trick-or-treating in my time. I've had my fair share of tripping over roots in the ground of peoples front yard because I was running so fast to get to the next house, and all my candy would fly everywhere and mom, dad, and I would have to pick it all up. It was truly hysterical but I'm pretty sure my parents were over it after the 4th or 5th house it'd happen at haha! And every year when we got back to the house my cousins and I would dump all of our candy in the floor and trade. Those were the days.

Josh and I promised each other to do something huge and wonderful for Halloween next year. It'll be so much easier when we're in the same town as each other and the same town as our friends.

But today I did wear my orange and black...I think I wear a version of this outfit every Halloween haha!

And I made little goodies to give to my Resident Assistants  not Halloween colored at all but it was last minute and I had to work with what I had. Everyone still loves getting candy no matter if it's in pastel colored tissue paper!

I cannot believe tomorrow starts November ..what?! I think I'm ready to get in the holiday spirit. I'm loving this time of year right now, which is unusual because I'm usually not a fan of the cold but this year I'm all about the cold weather and the holidays to come.

Must decorate my door for Thanksgiving now...I feel like I just put up my Halloween decor, time flies. And funny story, my 's' and 'y' fell off my door last week...so I was Linda...hilarious!


I hope everyone has a faaaaabulous and spooooooky Halloween!




God has been showing His faithfulness to me in so many different ways lately and it has truly been a blessing and so humbling. 

Coming off of a tough summer, I was ready to get back into a routine when I got to school and I knew that routine would hold consistent Jesus time. I lead bible study with one of my best friends Mackenzie each week for our sorority and God has shown himself to me so many times these past 2-3 months. 

Between creating a bible study each week as well as the devotion that Josh and I have been doing together over the last 9 weeks, my heart has been filled with so much love for Christ and His love for me, which is overwhelmingly wonderful. 

I've always been one to shy away from praying for the little things in life but that has definitely changed the past few months and God has worked His way into every aspect of my life and it has been truly fantastic 

From me praying about something little like a some extra down time in a day to study for a test, or patience with a co-worker, or something huge like big life decisions. He has been so faithful to me and has never, ever let me down. 

I find myself seeing Him more in my everyday walk and it fills me up each and every time. God created us to love us and to carry us on our journey through life and what a beautiful thought that is! Having a creator that loves me so much. I can't even wrap my head around the thought. 

Thank you Lord for being so faithful, answering my prayers (big and small), pointing me in the right directions lately, and popping up everyday so that I can feel your presence in my life. 

Psalm 33: 4 Your word, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. 



Sunday Best

Oh buddy, these pictures today are a little...um...awful. The lighting in pretty atrocious, I know, but just bare with me. I need a photographer! haha 

This is one of my Sunday outfits and I'm in love. I adore this top and necklace and pairing them with a black pencil skirt and pumps makes for a perfect Sunday outfit!

Growing up I ALWAYS had to dress up to go to church. No jeans or flip flops for this gal, my mom would have killed me. I wore my Rainbows to church one time and my Granny made a scene in front of the whole church about it...talk about wanting to crawl UNDER the pew, the women in my life do NOT play when it comes to church attire. 

But I am so glad that they raised me to always dress my best in God's house. I think it is oh so important and thankfully, Josh is the same way. He always looks sharp and is dressed to the 9's every Sunday. 

Although, it truly does not matter one bit what you have on when you're in church. As long as you're there, that is all that matters. You can worship God in your finest attire or in rags. 

I got this top from Forever 21 and um, I.Love.It. 

Happy Monday lovebugs!


For Josh

Pinned Image
I love you so much and as each day passes, the closer we are to having no miles between us. I can't wait. You're my heart and soul.


Elf Elf Elf

My makeup bag has been filling up with elf products from Target lately and my wallet sure doesn't mind that. 

Not sure if any of y'all have checked it out yet, you probably have, but elf is a cheap makeup line that runs at Target. I'm EXTREMELY skeptical of cheap makeup, because let's be honest, sometimes cheap makeup just sucks and looks awwwwful. But elf is not that way, no sir ree. 

I'm picky about my foundation, I like something that covers well and last all day. 

This Flawless Finish Foundation is fabulous! It works so well and smells good too! I really like the coverage and I think the color matches my skin very well. 


This bad boy is a under eye concealer and highlighter and this stuff honest to goodness works. My mom uses it as well and she has seen a SERIOUS difference in the darkness under her eyes when she wears this. I definitely recommend it!

Tone Correcting Powder
Lastly, this a tone correcting powder that I use. It really finishes off and look and works great on oily skin! It gives you an awesome matte look and sets your makeup! 

If you're looking for makeup that won't break the bank, I'd definitely recommend these products from elf. They are definite staples in a girls makeup kit and will hardly cost you anything!

You can look at elf's full line and reviews of products here. 



Snack Time Please!

I'm a girl who looooves a good snack. Something that's a little pick me up during the day that tickles my taste buds! I was brainstorming some blog posts the other day and thought to myself "I should blog about my favorite snacks" haha! Sooo random, I know. But a good idea nonetheless...or at least to me ha!

So here we go, a few of my favorite snacks!

First up, Velveeta! Oh my word. Best stuff EVER. I love regular Velveeta and when I came to college and discovered they make single serves, I was in macaroni heaven! These are too easy to make and taste delish. Just the right amount for a snack too! 

Triscuits and cheese are next on my list. Josh introduced me to this snack and holy moly, this just might be my favorite. Now, funny enough, I'm not a huge cheese fan. But on triscuits, HEAVEN! I take out a few crackers, cut some mild or medium cheddar cheese pieces, and put a tiny bit of sea salt ontop...I literally eat this snack...like 12 times a day, haha!

Nabisco Wheat Thins Flatbread Tuscan Herb Crackers, 5.5 oz

Isn't it funny that I'm not a cheese lover and everything on my list so far contains cheese?! These little weight watchers cheese wedges in jalapeno pepper are the bomb dot com, for real. AND only $1.98 per pack! The wedge is just the perfect portion and I put them on Wheat Thin Tuscan Herb  flat bread crackers, so so so good! My mom got me hooked on this!

Josh's mom introduced me to chocolate covered almonds at a tailgate back in September and I almost ate her whole bag they were so delicious! Definitely a great snack!

And of course I always try to have an apple, orange, blueberries, kiwi, raspberry or any other kind of fruit incorporated into my snack regime.


Experimenting with Boot Socks

So I've seen a lot of rave over this boot sock business and I decided to give it a whirl. Now, I got these things for Christmas last year and thought "Oh Lord a mercy when am I ever going to wear these things" well what do ya know?! Here I am wearing them! 

I've seen people wear them with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, just about anything! I think it's way cute and I'm on the hunt for a cream pair now. Does anyone know where to get these things? I think I'm going to explore Etsy and see what I can find, there certain to be some on there! 

Have you tried out this boot sock fashion yet? 

It adds such a cute touch to any outfit, and it keeps your legs and feet warm, haha! Double win!


While my mom and I were out shopping over fall break I got a new pair of black and brown boots, but they are for my Christmas and I am literally bursting at the seams to have them! My boots now are cute but they are kinda short and the ones that I just got are nice, long boots and I am DYING to wear them. Wonder if I can sweet talk mom?!

Forever 21 has cute boots for fall and winter if you are in the market for new ones!


Let's Swap!

Let's be honest, my swapping/sponsoring hasn't been up to snuff lately. But I sure would like to change that.

I do FREE swapping and sponsoring here at Every Day Life.

If you're interested, shoot me an email at: lindsayblanton@att.net and let me know that you'd like to swap buttons.

Your button will go on my sidebar for the next month to 2 months and I'll do a spotlight post on you and your blog as well as social media shout outs on the blogs facebook page and my twitter account.

I think helping others promote their blogs is a great way to build community, encourage each other and meet new people.

I'd LOVE to have you here at Every Day Life so let's get to swapping!

There is also a Sponsor tab on the right side of my page under the 'Explore' heading!


We Took a Road Trip

A few weeks ago Josh and I roadtripped (kinda) to Atlanta! I had never been before and I really wanted to go to a Braves game before Chipper Jones wasn't playing anymore so Mr. Colvin took me! 

We had a great time but I will say...Atlanta wasn't a cute and glamorous as I thought it was. But that's alright because I had a GREAT time at the game. We had awesome seats and the weather neither hot nor cold, it was just right. 

Baseball on TV is eh....OK to watch I suppose but being there in real life, um AWESOME. The game went by so fast, I wanted to sit there and watch another one haha! 

The crowd was great that night and has so much energy which I think made the game even better. Josh and I got free t shirts too! 


This was our first long trip together and I think it was a great success. I was a faaaaabulous navigator if I do say so myself  :)


Fashion's Baaaack

Oh friends, I have REALLY dropped the ball on outfit post lately, but ta-da I have one for today! 

My sweet mama was my photographer and snapped some pics for me. 

I mixed chambray, a military type vest, and scarf. This was truly a throw together what I have at home during fall break for an outfit. And I actually loved the way it turned out, I have a new outfit for when I get back to school. 

Chambray is SUCH a staple for fall and I've had my chambray shirt since freshman year of college, 3 years ago. I had no idea I was buying such a great piece at the time but I sure am glad I picked it up! 


That necklace in the picture above is from Forever 21 and says love "amour". The thing was $3.90 and I love it SO SO much. I tried to wear it in all of my outfits last week, haha! I haven't been in Forever 21 but a hand full of times but I'm sure glad I went in last weekend! 

Fall break ends today, and quite frankly I am bummed. Graduation, where are you?!


It's Fall Y'all

It's finally starting to look and feel like fall around here. It's still got to cool down just a tad and a few more leaves are left to turn but it's getting there. 

Since I'm home for fall break Josh and I carved pumpkins and decorated his apartment for fall yesterday (the decorating of the apartment was mostly my idea haha!) 

I'll let the pictures do the talking!


Josh and I sat out on the patio and painted and carved our lives away. I love that the apartment looks like fall now! 

Happy Monday!