Scoring Big

When searching for a new devotion for Josh and I to do, I went into Lifeway, searched and searched and came out disappointed because I couldn't find anything that I felt like fit us. 

So naturally, online searching I went. I stumbled upon some pretty great reviews about "Devotions for Dating Couples" by Ben Young and Dr. Samuel Adams. And boy oh boy did we score big with this one. 

We're only on our fourth day but both of us are already so happy with our decision to choose this book and it is fantastic. It's one of those books where you look forward to doing your devotion for the day because you can't wait to see what the book and God has to teach you that day. 

This book is broken into individual devotions Monday-Friday. Reflection on Saturday and church together on Sunday. Josh and I do the devotion separately then share our thoughts that we wrote down and what we felt like the particular days devotion had to say to us as individuals, a couple, and our relationship with God. 

This book is very clear and concise and makes fantastic points. It gives 3 scripture readings at the end, a space to write down your thoughts and a prayer at the end. We have had a hard time with our past devotions with fitting us well and being one that we both truly enjoy, but this book is a home run for us. 

I can already see a change in my attitude towards my life and towards our relationship and as I said, it's only day 4. This devotion is designed to grow your personal relationship with God first and then your relationship with your partner second (centered around God). That I love, because that's exactly how it should be. 

I enjoy reading the devotion on my own, reflecting and making notes and then sharing with Josh and him sharing with me. I was nervous when I hit "BUY" on Amazon to get this book because I literally had NO idea what it would be like but gracious I am so glad that I did. 

Also it has a page length prayer for the end of the week, a prayer journal, and a few reflecting questions for Saturday. I like how the weekend is a reflection and church attending time. It even has a space for Sermon notes on Sunday, perfection!

I definitely recommend this devotion for any couple and we got ours on Amazon for about $4 each, that is a steal! 

Happy Thursday friends, no Friday classes for me this semester so let the weekend begin!

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