Let Me Show You How To Do It

Do what? You may be asking.


Oh girlfriends, I got the BEST deals of all time when I went shopping this weekend. Please allow me to share my deals with you.

I got a pair of green snake skin loafers for $1.97. YES you heard that right, a DOLLAR and ninety seven cents.

A good friend of mine also happens to work at Old Navy and he gave me a coupon for 35% off my entire purchase. That is like shopping heaven! So I got a sweater, a running tank, a sports bra and those flats and all I technically paid for was the sweater, score!

I also got a $24.99 necklace for $3.99 at Catos!

I jumped on the flowered jeans trend and I love them, I can not wait to wear them!

I got a skirt and a pair of gray jeans for $9.99 each at Burkes #winning.

I got a headband at Catos that had no tag on it, so the lady gave it to me for $1.99, something tells me the actual price for that headband was a tad bit more than that.

And I got about 6 new pair of earrings, all ranging from $1.99 to $3.99.

I love great bargain days like this one. The kind where you come home and feel like YES, I got a TON of stuff and STILL have money in my bank account.

That is a great feeling my friends.

Today was my LAST first day of college! For undergrad at least. Let the celebration start...NOW!

Happy Labor Day! 


  1. must say...you are a bargain queen! so awesome :):)

  2. girl, you are a pro! I LOVE shopping days like that!! :]

  3. I love finding great bargains! Happy First Day!

  4. girl, that is a bargain!! I have those loafers in black and LOVE them! I suggest wearing thick socks around the house before- but they wear in nicely!

    1. Oh thank you for that tip! I will definitely do that :)


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