High Five for Friday

Hey precious friends! Time to link up for High Five for Friday with the fabulous Lauren!


I have a meeting in 45 minutes about a Spring Break trip to LONDON! Oh my gosh, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the price be right and then I'll be jet setting to London in March, ahhhh!!!

I went shopping today when I heard of a 70% off sale at a local boutique in town...only thing is, I'm REALLY trying to save money. And I just went shopping and bought a ton 2 weekends ago. I went in the store, browsed, spent NO MONEY. HIGH FIVE FOR ME. I am very proud of myself. #operatiosnsavingmoneyhasstarted

South Carolina weather this week has been FABULOUS. Fall is almost here friends!

Next week Josh and I are headed to our first Carolina game of the season, wahoo!

Interest Week for my sorority starts up next week and next Friday we will be pinning all of our new girls for Rush, so excited! 

To read more about my sorority click here.

Have the best weekend! 

P.S. Check out Lori's blog for a fantastic giveaway!


  1. Ahh London?! How exciting!! Congrats on exerting self discipline and not spending money...I wish I could say the same! Haha! =)

    1. Haha it was HARD, I had a purse in my hand and had to make myself put it back because I really didn't need to add another bag to my collection lol!

  2. Wow Spring Break to London! That sounds amazing! My husband and I went last summer and it was a dream- one of my favorite vacations ever. Hope it works out for you! I just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. Thank you so much! I am so excited about going, I am sure your time there was incredible, how could it not be?!? And thank you thank you thank you for following along, please make yourself at home!


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