17 Year Old

Dear 17 year old me,

Let me start off by saying that I'm 20 now. So I was 17 just 3 short years ago and you might think that 3 years isn't enough time to truly learn something about life, but let me tell you girl, it is...it really is. Right now you are a senior in high school. Wondering how the heck time went so fast but so ready to get out of Brookland-Cayce that you can hardly stand it. Cheerleading this year is going to almost break you and possibly make you think you're going to lose your mind...no worries friend, mom is going to yell at the cheerleading coach AND the principal in a meeting, it is hilarious. Please make sure to remember that moment forever. You are also going to get written up this year, yep a D-Note and you get detention. First. Ever. And it's all because you get accused of taking something that had your name on it (crazy right?!) but no worries again, just memories to look back on and laugh and thank GOD that you never have to see your cheerleading coach again. You're going to do some pageants that you work your butt off for and it will just irk your nerves that you don't win. You're going to be heartbroken for a little while over a boy that you should have never went on that cruise with, proooobs the dumbest decision of your life but that cruise got you out of the relationship and sing praises to the heavens right now that it did, yes right this instant. Remember that cruise? I know you do. Glad thats over with oh and don't cry anymore about that relationship the best one of your life is right around the corner my dear, we're talking a KEEPER and he's a cutie, oh and he makes you laugh, Josh will be your heart and soul one day. You're going to walk across the stage at graduation and you're not the least bit sad to be moving on with your life. Rebecca moves far away to App State and you miss her a lot.

You're going to tour Lander and make the decision to go to school there, Griffyn is going there too and you are ecstatic. You also become a colleigate cheerleader, remember this experience, you are over the moon when you make the team. You're going to graduate high school and you're going to fall in love. Yes, real, true, perfect love. You take an awesome cruise after graduation and off to college you go. You move away from home for the first time ever, getting out of Columbia for college is the best decision you'll make.  

You make a 4.0 for a very long time in college, how you pull that off, I truly don't know. You learn to manage your time like nobodies business and you kick colleges butt...all the while you actually think it's kicking yours. Freshman year is going to be a very, very tough year. Just remember: YOU MAKE IT. Most of the time, actually ALL of the time that year you're pretty sure there's no way you make it through that phase of life, but you do. You join a sorority and you cheer and you make A's and lots of other fun things.

Life craps on you a lot that summer...and the next summer too as a matter of fact, but you rise up, stronger than ever and keep on trucking. You decide that college is dandy and all but if you can crank it out in 3 years, you're gonna do it. You take 21+ hours freshman year on out and at this moment you are 2 semesters away from being a college gradute, saaaay what?!? Weren't we just talking about high school?! Be proud of yourself, graduating college by the age of 20 is an awesome accomplishment.

Back to love...you fall in love with a guy named Josh. He is pretty awesome and makes you a better person. You two basically go through h-e-double hockey sticks and back but by-golly you make it and just when people think they are tearing you apart, someway, somehow the 2 of you get stronger. It is pretty great how God works and as a matter of fact you and Josh are in a period right now where the devotional that y'all do together is changing your lives and relationship, for the better. You love him and he loves you. He's going to be your main supporter through these years.

You meet some faaaantastic people in college. You become an RA, after being rejected at your first interview, you get a call and get the job. You're gonna be REALLY devastated when you don't get the job at first, I'm talking ugly crying in the library bathroom and mom is crying on the phone because YOU'RE crying, it's a mess but totally worth it. And just one short year after being an RA you get a promotion and a pay raise, yeeeah girl, you heard that right. Your sorority takes a great turn for the better your sophomore year and you make some of your best friends there. The girls in the sorority you're going to become very close to and you're going to be really inspired (thanks Mackenzie!). You're also going to get really frustrated and just plain out aggrevated with people sometimes. Your residents might drive you bananas but it's all so worth it. Mom also spends the night with you at college a few times, these experiences are hilarious. You're going to be making all of your own decisions and deciding what you are and are not going to do, and this is a good thing, it makes you grow up a lot. Also, you hated making decisions at 17 and you still kinda hate it at 20, I don't think that ever goes away.

You're going to be lonely sometimes, you're going to be frustrated sometimes, you're going to be tested sometimes and you're going to be blessed all the time. Oh and when you go off to college dad will start talking to you on the phone a lot, and saying he misses and loves you, remember all these times. Mom is going to start skyping a lot and her and dad will chase down the puppies to put them on skype too, these are good memories. You and mom are going to butt heads a lot but don't worry, you always make up in the end and she means more to you than you know. Spend time with your family. Coley and Deanna grow up FAST and both Granny's and Papa's are gettig older, quality time is important.

Rebecca and Griffyn make your life whole. Rebecca is finding her way and loving every second in North Carolina and Griffyn moves back home to Columbia and goes to Carolina. She starts her clinicals her junior year and you hope she always knows how proud you are of her and what a great friend she really is. Rebecca and Griffyn are friends that are few and far between, keep good friendships with them, they are true treasures. Rebecca graduates this year with you and is going to do great things and you must visit her, even if it's on a farm.

Life is good 17 year old Lindsay. Just keep trucking. GREAT things are going to happen for you and life is about to make a lot of changes, you're growing up, graduating college and moving on with your big girl life very soon. New independence is on the horizon and after college fabulous things await you I'm sure. Always remember to love God, love your family, keep your friends close and don't let anything bring you down. You're going to make it and you're going to be fabulous. Oh and your fashion sense as the years go on, ROCKS.

20 year old me

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