Sorority Girl?

I guess you could put me in the category of sorority girl, and today I want to share about my sorority with you. 

At Lander I am a member of Chi Sigma sorority, which is our only Christian sorority on campus. Today I want to tell y'all a little about what our sorority is all about and why I am so proud to be apart of what I think is the best organization on campus. 

In Sigma, we take every girl that comes through our Rush process. Most sororities pick and choose who they want in their sorority and who they feel has enough value to be apart. In Sigma we believe that everyone has great value and we welcome everyone into our sisterhood with open arms. Your color doesn't matter, your social status doesn't matter, your financial status doesn't matter, just come as you are. The dues that have to be paid every semester are very, very reasonable and hundreds of dollars less than most sororities.

We also aren't apart of the big party scene that is virtually on every college campus. Our girls don't go through any hazing period and all of our "parties" are a great time, minus all the shenanigans of a normal college party.

We have a Rush period, Pinning and Induction. We have bigs and littles and give gifts to each other every week over an 8 week period. We do a lot of things like any regular sorority would, have a formal, semi formal, retreats, mixers, service projects and so on. 

During the school year at our weekly meetings we have bible study and prayer time. I happen to be Chaplain of the sorority meaning that this past year I lead our devotions each week. This year I am Chaplain along with a great friend of mine, Mackenzie. We have a prayer box at each meeting where the girls put in their prayer request card and take out someone else's at the end of the meeting and that is their prayer partner for the week. At the following meeting we exchange little notes telling our prayer partner how we were praying for them during the week. 

We started last year with only 9 girls and ended the year with around 26. God worked MIRACLES for us this year, no doubt. The friendships that were made, memories that were made, thoughts and personal stories that were told made us all become so close and created such a beautiful sisterhood. 

I wouldn't trade my time in Sigma for the world. Often times on campus we may get looked at a little funny if someone asks us what sorority we are in and we tell them Chi Sigma, but I am so proud to be apart of an organization that has Christ as its base and to have so many friends that I can share Christ with. I have laughed, cried, prayed, and studied the Bible with these ladies and that is a very beautiful thing.

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  1. This sounds amazing! I wish there was one on my campus!

  2. Love this post. I am also a member of a Christian sorority, Phi Beta Chi at UNC and I loved having praise and worship & devotions at chapter along with having prayer requests sent over our listserv so we could pray for our sisters and their struggles.


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