Sequin Shorts

I posted about my new sequin shorts from Express a few Fridays ago. I've already worn these bad boys like 3 times since I got them, haha! 

You can dress them up or you can dress them down. I think they are a new staple in my wardrobe. 

IMG_1348.jpg \
IMG_1347.jpg \

Now that you're in love with sequin shorts like I am, grab your purse and head to the store to find you a pair girlfriend. 

I'm at Lander for the week for my very last EXPO ever, this is a little bittersweet. 

I'll be back on Thursday and update you guys, enjoy your weeks beautiful people. 

I'll be rockin' out with my some incoming freshmen. They better be good, haha!


  1. I love those shorts...I may take my purse and run over there today!!! You look gorg! And good luck at the Expo!! Have a great week!
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  2. Love those shorts, so cute! I've been wanting some sequin shorts, but wasn't sure about them... I'm going to be looking for them now! Great outfit!


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