Maxi Skirt

Hey friends! Fashion posts have been few and far between on this here blog lately, my sincerest apologies. But no worries my lovely ones, today fashion is back, oh yeah!

We're talking maxi skirts today. First off, if you don't have one, go now and get one. I snagged mine at Old Navy for $8, that is a deal my friends. And I am going to need to purchase a black one here soon, I love black maxi skirts, so darn chic. 

Anyways, enough yapping about the skirt, let me show it to you!


And I know that y'all aren't surprised that I have on a sparkle shirt. I really can't count how many I've bought this summer, it's a problem. But how cute are they, I mean really?!

Today was the first day of RA Training and I survived! Cheers to that. Tomorrow is jam packed, promise I'll be back to update you lovelies this week. 

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  1. I am all the way obsessed not only with that skirt, but with how you paired it with the sequin top!! So pretty!!!


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