Falling in Love with Fall

Normally I am extremely sad to see summer leave. But not this year dear friends, not at all. Summer can pack it's bags head on out and be gone as far as I'm concerned. 

I am so excited for fall, more excited that I usually am. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun this fall and I am looking forward to that with much anticipation. 

Some football is on the schedule 

Go Cocks! 
Josh is a graduate of Carolina and Lander doesn't have a football team. So naturally since I'm from Columbia the Gamecocks are my team! Josh and I are looking at hopefully making it to 2 (possibly 3) games and maybe tailgating for a game or 2 that we don't get tickets to. He loves football, I mean lovesssss it so I'm really excited to share his love of sports with him. 

We also have a Braves game on our calendar. I have never been to Atlanta OR a Braves game so I am so so so excited! Can't wait :)
Another thing to look forward to is the FAIR! The State Fair luckily comes right to Columbia every fall and lands right on my fall break. I love going to the fair, cool breeze filling the air, music, rides, games, ferris wheels, and tons of greasy food. Perfection!

These are just a few things going on this fall that I am looking forward to. Sorority events and school events will be filling up my calendar as well. 

See ya later summer, Hello fall!

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