Doin' Work

If you've visited the blog at all this past week you have seen some maaaajor changes. Fabulous changes, no? 

There is a new awesome layout AND new pages on the side bar. Check them out if you haven't already (About me, Sponsor, Contact, Lovebugs). Stop and go see them PRONTO them come back and continue reading, please and thank you!

Also, the blog has a facebook page! Woot woot! We are movin' up in the social media world people, no kidding around here. 

If you scroll down the right side bar you will find a little box that says facebook and you can use that box to like Every Day Life's facebook page, go.now.do.it! Also, if your blog has a facebook page leave a comment and let me know, I want to 'like' your page ASAP! 

And I'd love to do some more Sponsor Swapping, as I said before, check out the Sponsor page and let's get to swapping buttons shall we? Speaking of, Every Day Life also got a new button, holla! 

Lots of fun things going on here in blog land that I am very excited about! 

You readers are AWESOME. I'll be doing another JewelMint gift card giveaway soon, click HERE to find out more about JeweMint, it's pretty fabulous if I do say so myself. 

So, enough of my chatting today, go enjoy your Saturday you beautiful people!

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