Well folks, changes are on the horizon for Mr. Colvin and I. 

He is...

going back to school. 

This is big news people. I can not express to you how proud I am of him for making this decision.
His job now is not a place that he wants to stay at for a long time. Quite frankly, he wants and needs to get out of there soon. It just isn't where he likes to be. And it's no fun going to work everyday to a place that you don't care for. 

He has a passion for how the body works and all that jazz. So he is going back to get his PTA degree, Physical Therapy Assistant.

One of our tech schools here in Columbia has a great program and has an awesome success rate for their graduates. After being out of college for 4 years now, Josh is a college student again! 

Now what this means for us is, both of our lives are going to be thrown into overdrive. This coming semester I have 24 hours at school and 4 different jobs on campus, crazy, I know. I get told that a lot. And now Josh will be continuing to work full time, because lets be honest, still gotta make some $$$$, and then attending school in the evenings and doing that part time. All of this ='s busy busy people. But I know that we'll work it out seeing each other and getting to spend time together.

So, in a little less than 2 weeks, we'll both be in school and our crazy lives will begin.

But I am

so excited 

for what is to come for the both of us. Josh is pursuing what he really enjoys, I'm starting my last year of college, changes all around us!

Ready, Set, Go!


  1. Good luck to both you! Squeeze in as much time as you can.


  2. Never hurts to pursue more education.

    Popped in from Wonderful Wednesday ~


  3. congrats and good luck with the madness. love your blog, newest follower. Thanks for linking up!

    WW co-host

  4. I start school today too! How crazy! I am a post bach, but hopefully I'll do something I enjoy doing this time around! Good luck girl!

    Thanks for linking up today, so happy to have you!


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