Attention Mom and Dad

My mother, father, and I are going to have a serious convo today people, a very serious one. 

What is this conversation going to be about you ask? Let me enlighten you. This will be the first question I ask:

Why in the world did you not make me find a sport, train, and become an Olympic athlete?

I don't think that they realize that we could be in LONDON, RIGHT NOW. London people! Doing fabulous things like flipping off bars and crazy stuff with the Fab Five, jumping into pools and swimming like fish, spiking volleyballs, skeet shooting, and the list goes on. 

I mean COME ON, I have to at least be decent at one Olympic sport and if I trained? Oh buddy, I could be like, gold medal status. 

You know, standing on the gold medal platform, hearing the national anthem play, gold medal around my neck, this is picture perfect. It really is. Mom and Dad could have matching American flag and USA tees and be cheering me on from the stands. 

In our free time we could run around the city and hunt down the Queen, maybe even Kate. Have high tea, do other awesome British things. I mean, I'm thinking this is the best idea I've had in quite some time. 

Now, just to find a sport and train...for the next billion years. Hello Olympics 2024?

Now onto a more serious note, USA has been killin' it in London. The Fab Five last night blew my mind. I was so happy for them and the swimmers have been incredible. Allison Schmitt, Missy Franklin, Phelps, Misty May, Kerri Walsh, everyone has been so awesome! 


Happy Olympic watching friends!


  1. The olympics are always so inspiring!


  2. Oh, I have had the same very serious conversation with my parents twice. And seriously, I am loving the Olympics this summer! So many of our athletes have performed so well!


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