The Last 48 Hours

Boy oh boy have the last 2 days been cray cray, I mean for real. 

My freshmen residents moved in yesterday and I was up at 4:20 yesterday morning and did not lay down my head last night until 11:00. The Housing staff blew up and tied ribbon to 500 balloons to place around campus that early in the morning.

My legs are killlllling today, have mercy. I was on my feet all day but all of my residents are here and move in day was conquered, thank ya Lord. 

Today I had to do transfer orientation for 3 hours then did a 10 minute shirt changed and worked in housing for another 4 1/2 hours. 

I am wiped out honey bunnies. 

And tomorrow I have Presidential Ambassador Training/Retreat and Saturday as well. 

Rest time, where are you?!? 

Classes start Monday, I need to get on picking an outfit out. Looking fab on the first day of class is a must, obviously. 

Oh and Carolina kicks off their season tonight playing Vandy, GO Cocks!

Don't I look exactly like a camp counselor?! Haha embarrasing!
My poor, poor feet after the longest day ever.
Day 2

Hope all you lovebugs have had a great week!


The Last Time

This school year will be the LAST TIME that Josh and I have to do the whole long distance relationship business. 

Most of our relationship has been long distance so after this year it will be FABULOUS to say goodbye to a LDR. 

Here's to the last year of long distance lovin' pumpkin, I Love You!

This song happens to be our jam, enjoy!


Falling in Love with Fall

Normally I am extremely sad to see summer leave. But not this year dear friends, not at all. Summer can pack it's bags head on out and be gone as far as I'm concerned. 

I am so excited for fall, more excited that I usually am. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun this fall and I am looking forward to that with much anticipation. 

Some football is on the schedule 

Go Cocks! 
Josh is a graduate of Carolina and Lander doesn't have a football team. So naturally since I'm from Columbia the Gamecocks are my team! Josh and I are looking at hopefully making it to 2 (possibly 3) games and maybe tailgating for a game or 2 that we don't get tickets to. He loves football, I mean lovesssss it so I'm really excited to share his love of sports with him. 

We also have a Braves game on our calendar. I have never been to Atlanta OR a Braves game so I am so so so excited! Can't wait :)
Another thing to look forward to is the FAIR! The State Fair luckily comes right to Columbia every fall and lands right on my fall break. I love going to the fair, cool breeze filling the air, music, rides, games, ferris wheels, and tons of greasy food. Perfection!

These are just a few things going on this fall that I am looking forward to. Sorority events and school events will be filling up my calendar as well. 

See ya later summer, Hello fall!



Oh boy sitting in lectures all day everyday over the past week has been tiring let me tell you. 

We had Saturday off and Josh and I spent the day with some friends on the lake. It was faaaaantastic weather this weekend here in 'ol SC. Not a cloud in the sky my friends. 
Whoah buddy I look a hot mess but cheers to ending summer the right way!
These fabulous people are the ones I've been working with these past week and will be working with this next year. 


Now for a few pictures of my building this year, hope my residents enjoy the decorations!


More training the beginning of this week and then my residents move in! 

Hope everyone has a great week!


Thoughts on Thursday

Hi friends! How is it already Thursday of this week?! Madness!

I have a few thoughts on this Thursday that are going to be spilled out here on the blog. Monday Josh and I are starting our new devotion book.

I am extremely excited and anxious to get started. I've read some reviews on this book and think it's going to be great for both of us. It's hard to find a devotion that we book like the layout of and I'm hoping this one is going to do the trick. Once we get started I'll be sure to update you guys on how it's going and how we like it. We had a tough, tough summer due to outside circumstances weighing on us and I'm happy to get refocused. 

Also, Sigma (my sorority) is about to start back up and as I've mentioned before I am Chaplain. I am so anxious to see what path God is going to take us down this year. I'm excited to do more Bible studying and prepare devotions for the girls each week. I am so hopeful that it will renew me and refresh my relationship with Christ, don't you feel like you need that sometimes? Just a renewing of relationships. Being surrounding by a group of women who all have the same purpose, to serve God, is so wonderful and uplifting. 

I am also going to start a new devotion for myself. I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to do it yet, whether I'm going to bounce around in the Bible or do a few studies in order. And have some serious quiet time with Christ, I think that will be very beneficial this upcoming year. 

Dear Lord, 
Thank you for this beautiful day and beautiful life you have granted me with. I pray that I will refocus on you and renew our relationship together. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead bible studies and spread your Word to others. May the words of my mouth always be the words that you have given to me. I love you. 


Striking Gold

You can find this beauty at your local Wal-Mart and you better go buy it NOW

I have few products that I just fall in love with but THIS product is over the moon amazing. I was recently in search of a new moisturizer to put on before bed. I wanted something that wasn't too heavy but really felt like it soaked into my skin and took away the dry-ness. Well this my friends works PERFECTLY. I mean seriously absolute perfect. 

I adore the way it feels going on, like a splash of cool water and absorbs into your skin so quickly. I wake up in the morning and my skin feels awesome. So smooth and hydrated.

Also, I have some scarring from acne and a lot of redness on my chin. When I was reading the box this bad boy came in, it said that it helps reduce redness. I didn't think THAT much of it because not much helps this poor chin of mine BUT I swear to you, the next morning my chin was 70% less red. And the next day, 80% less red. I have never seen a product work so quick or really work on my redness at all.

That fact alone makes this product awesome in my book but really, this is a great moisturizer. If you're in the market for a new one and heck even if you aren't, go get this! It cost me less than $7, score! 

So, bottom line- I'm in love and I don't fall completely in love with products that often or easily. This stuff simply does its job. 

Happy moisturizing lovers!


Maxi Skirt

Hey friends! Fashion posts have been few and far between on this here blog lately, my sincerest apologies. But no worries my lovely ones, today fashion is back, oh yeah!

We're talking maxi skirts today. First off, if you don't have one, go now and get one. I snagged mine at Old Navy for $8, that is a deal my friends. And I am going to need to purchase a black one here soon, I love black maxi skirts, so darn chic. 

Anyways, enough yapping about the skirt, let me show it to you!


And I know that y'all aren't surprised that I have on a sparkle shirt. I really can't count how many I've bought this summer, it's a problem. But how cute are they, I mean really?!

Today was the first day of RA Training and I survived! Cheers to that. Tomorrow is jam packed, promise I'll be back to update you lovelies this week. 


Come On In, Let Me Show You Around

I have disappeared from my blog this week and I am so sorry! Busy is an understatement. But I am finally all moved back in to my dorm on campus and RA training begins tomorrow. 

Moving is was quite the task this year but mom and dad are such troopers and made my room look fabulous, I always hate hate hate to see them leave. But I know that I'll see them soon so that keeps my spirits up. 

I'm excited to be starting my senior year of college soon and exciting to train with the new RA staff for the next week and 1/2. 

Life is about to kick it into overdrive, but I'm anxious and ready. 

I wanted to show you guys a glimpse into my room this year!


So there you have it, home sweet dorm! I am so thankful to have such a large room AND a loft for awesome storage. And really, can I forget that walk-in closet? 

I love to make my room as "homey" as possible since I'm going to be here for the next 8 months. Mom, dad, and I worked so hard to get this whole room put together, I can't thank them enough.