Two Decades?!


I am almost twenty years old. For some reason, this is hard for me to swallow and some days I want to slam on the breaks and make 19 last forever. 

And some days, I want to speed up real quick like haha!

But really, turning 20 is a big deal to me. I'm graduating college when I'm 20...that means I'll be done with school at the ripe age of 20. This is exciting because I have accomplished a lot of school in those years and that's something to really be proud of. And while 20 seems so old to me, it also seems (and is) really really young. I will be starting my career at 20 (Lord willing that there is a job out there for me).

I think 20 is going to be a mighty big year for me. And it's a year I'm really looking forward to.

I am so thankful for 20 years of life and I hope I have 20 x's a million more years ahead of me. I have learned quite a lot in 20 years and still don't know HALF of what I'm going to learn in my lifetime.

20 is going to be the year I really grow up, graduate, start a job, possibly live in some place that isn't my parents home.

It's hard to believe my teenaged years are almost over, where did they go?!? Why did they go by so fast?!? Why is it going to go by even faster as each year passes?!?

So here's to 20...ready or not here we go.

I'm sure you'll be the best year yet. And I am more than looking forward to it.

P.S. Thank you Lord for giving me 20 years of life, what a blessing.

P.S.S. I'm pretty sure I already have wrinkles, hahaha. Dear Life, take it easy would ya?

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