Fridays Letters

It's finally Friday, thank you Lord! This was the longest week of my life. 

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Dear Life, You have been more than I can handle this week. Aka, pretty terrible week. Whatever has to happen to make it a much, much better week next week, please do so. I need you to take it easy on me please and thank you. 

Dear Puppies, I love cuddling with you everyday. Going back to school this fall is going to be extremely sad and I'm going to miss you everyday you sweet babies. 

Dear Josh, Oh buddy, I don't even know if I have the words to say. What a week, I'm really sorry. Next week will be better, for sure. Life may tear us down, a lot. But we're going to make it, I know we will. 

Dear Rebecca, Would you PLEASE come home from Ireland now? I am sure that you are having a lovely time, but I need you back in town. Hurry hurry!

Dear God, You and I have had a some serious conversations this week. Thank you for always listening and for taking care of me. I know that you are faithful to me and I will always trust you. 

Dear Weekend, I hope that you are great, fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend beautiful bloggers! 

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  1. Awwww - cuddling with puppies can cure anything!! :) Hope you have a better week next week!


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