Don't Be Quick to Judge

Hi beautiful people! Sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. I had to figure out this picture business and I've been a little busy as well. 

This weekend went by a little too fast, anybody with me on that one? 

Today we're going to talk about judging folks. 

I got my room assignment for this coming year's housing. I'm Head RA which means I am over 2 housing areas and over the people in my specific building. Being an RA means that I get to have my own room (insert hallejuah chorus here). I am quite the independent person and need time on my own, especially at school, so having my own room is imperative. While I have my own room, I share bathroom with 2 other girls. 

I should add that my specific building that I live in is all freshmen (insert crazy face here) and my suitemates this year will be freshmen. Last year I had transfer students that I really got along with and they were very quiet. 

Well I have a hunch that this year's suitemates could possibly be a little different. 

So, this is where I have to remind myself to not judge people before I meet them and to keep an open mind. I have no right to judge others before I know them, the only time I can make an accurate decision about the people that I live with, are after I live with them. 

I need to pray that I will keep an open mind, and to open myself up to these people and create a good relationship with them, because we will be sharing a space for a whole school year. 

The biggest mistake I could make would be to go in with a negative thought in my mind. Judging others is so cruel yet so easy to do. I hope that this situation teaches me to be open to others even if they don't look, act, talk, etc. like I do. 

You never know what people are like, what their lives are like, what they are going through, or anything else until you spend true quality time with someone. 

I pray that I remember this in this situation. 

Alright, good talk friends. You're the best listeners ever you know that? 

You rock. Keep rockin' on. 

Be back tomorrow with crafts :) YAY! 


  1. I remember my first RA at TCU. She was sweet, but I really didn't know her... You are right in keeping an open mind, you never know if one of your residents will become a follower of your blog, and wish you the best of luck :) Cat

  2. hi,
    i nominated you for the liebster award on my blog!

    xo, elizabeth.


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