Happy Monday friends! I haven't crafted anything in quite some time. I really fell off the train, but no worries! I am back with the easiest craft on the face of the earth, seriously. 

I just re-did my room about 2 weeks ago and I could kick myself for not taking before pictures because the transformation in incredible. But I'm thinking I'll take some pictures of my new room just so you guys can see it :) 

Anyways, I changed most of my color scheme in my room and you guys would NOT believe how hard it is to find yellow accesories for your room! No yellow curtains ANYWAY, no yellow throw pillows for the bed, no yellow rugs, I mean holy moly! I did end up finding ONE yellow throw pillow at Kmart for my bed but the curtains I never found. Good news is I found some gray ones that were absolutely perfect. 

Since finding yellow was like finding gold, I decided that I'd do some yellow accents on the wall. Mom and I hit up Joanne's and went to work. I bought 3 small canvases and these fabrics all come together in a pack in little squares, which was perfect for my project. 

All I did was cut the fabric to fit, wrapped the canvas like a present and stapled the the fabric to the wood frame. And here is how to turned out!

Now I have the perfect splash of yellow in my room and I love the 3 different patterns. Maybe sometime this week I will show y'all the new decorations in my room. 

Oh and a quick request, my Papa (grandfather) is in the hospital. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated!


  1. These are so cute! I also did a pinterest project with canvases this weekend! You did a great job!

  2. Those turned out so well! I will be crafting here shortly because the countdown is on till I move into my apartment and there's like a million things I want to try thanks to Pintrest :)

    And my prayers are with your family



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