Another Romper?

Oh yes ladies, ANOTHER romper. Well this one is kind of more like a jumpsuit. 

If you've been around these parts for awhile it is no secret that I love the heck out of rompers. If you are new to these parts click right here to read about my love. 

Again, my love of rompers has prevailed. I love this one! I'm also a sucker for almost anything one shouldered.  So put these two things together and BAM, I'm won over. 

Happy Hump Day friends!


  1. so cute, I wish I were thin enough to wear these. I'll admit I was a fan of overalls when I was younger -- just so comfortable!

  2. Where in the world did you get this cute little romper from? I LOVE rompers!! I totally want one like the one you are wearing.

    Abby-Pink Lemonade

  3. Love it! I just posted a board about Rompers today! One of my favorite/easiest outfits! You look great!


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