Taking Control

of my diet

I've really been trying hard lately to put good things in my body and stay away from the bad. Being at home makes this easier for me because we always have an endless amount of fruit around the house it seems (thanks Mom!)

So I have started drinking lemon water religiously. The rage over lemon water right now is EVERYWHERE. Lemon water is the bomb dot com for you and your body. If you aren't drinking at least a cup of lemon water everyday, you better start tomorrow and if you are drinking a cup a day, make that two. One in the morning and one at night. 

Next up, blueberries. My obsession is spiraling out of control. I never even knew I liked blueberries until a few months ago and now I'm hooked. I eat hand fulls upon hand fulls everyday. And I don't think I need to even go in to how good they are for you. 

I have also added kiwi to my diet. I eat a kiwi with my breakfast every morning. I mean, kiwi is fabulous...love it. Another fruit I also didn't know I liked until last summer. And they are only 38 cents at the store, saaaa-weet. 

Watermelon has also made its way into my diet thanks to good 'ol summertime. Watermelon, for me, is a great alternative to stuffing my mouth with chips or anything else gross for my body. 

Strawberries and pineapple. These 2 fruits are always in my diet, they never leave. I love strawberries and pineapple like no other. Another great alternative for junk food. 

And there you have it friends, kick the grossness of junk food and refuel on the greatness of fruits!


  1. I am doing the same thing!! I cut up a ton of fruit last night so it's all set for the week!!!

  2. Sounds like a good plan to me :)


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