Romping in my Romper

If you know me well, you know I love love love love love rompers. Literally, in love with them. I think they are so cute and so easy and comfy to wear. I mean you put on ONE piece of clothing and your whole outfit is set. 

What is better than that? You're right, nothing! 

I have like a bazillion rompers and wear all of them on the reg. I tell people I love them because you don't have to put on pants...hahaha! Obviously, because the pants/shorts are attached. I mean who came up with this for adults...babies get the luxury of these kinds of outfits all the time...it's genius and perfection. 

Oh and it makes me laugh that you have to get naked to go to the bathroom, hahahaha! Like you have to pull the whole romper off which I find hilarious and I'm pretty sure I laugh every time I have to go to the bathroom. 

Quick story, I was on a youth trip about 3 years ago and had on a romper and my youth group had never seen one before and let me tell you they got a kick out of this thing. Well we had stopped for food on our way to Florida and I used the restroom before we left. I ended up getting the zipper of my romper hung up and couldn't get it zipped for honest to goodness like 15 minutes. So all the while they are all waiting on me and I finally emerge from the bathroom and they asked why I didn't just come out for help and I told them that I was naked because you have to take the whole romper off to use the bathroom and I swear to you they laughed the rest of the way to Florida, absolutely histerical. 

Now, back to the outfit. I wore this to go out with my family for fathers day and I am dying over this statement necklace. 

Dad and I on Fathers Day! Love you Daddy :)

Have a great day loves!


  1. I think rompers love you as much as you love them...they look adorable on you!!! So pretty!!! :)

  2. I'm a new follower! This is too funny. :)

  3. You look so cute in your romper! I wish I could pull those off!! :(

  4. oh my goodness. the whole bathroom thing ... so funny. it is very odd. I own only one romper, but I literally have to unbutton 7 buttons before I can go pee. and this is very annoying, so I don't wear it much. I'll have to look for some "easier" ones. ;)

  5. I laughed out loud about the whole going to the bathroom in a romper thing! A true lol. I guess I've never really thought about it because I have never worn one. I think I have a longer torso so they look funny on me. Yours is adorable though!

  6. That romper is adorable!! I've been looking everywhere for a cute one for summer, thanks for the inspiration :)

    xo Shane

  7. HAHAHA that romper story is hilarious!!! And totally i've always been jealous babies get to wear comfy outfits like that....I think their onesie PJs are what I'm most jealous about =)
    Much Love,



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