Oh friends, I am so sorry for leaving you hanging for the last week. Life's been busy, ya know? 

I went to EXPO (which is what we call our orientation at Lander for the freshmen). Worked with a great staff and I hands down had the best group on campus. 
Our group number was #1, which was extremely fitting due to their sparkling, spunky personalities and ability to make their prescence known in a room. My group consisted of 12 students who could not have been sweeter and worked together so well. They cheered, danced, laughed, singed and everything else in between all week long. 

It was a great week, thank you group 1 for being so awesome. YOLO! 

I got home on Thursday to find out my mother had spent the night in the hospital and in true family fashion no one called and told me, they didn't want me to worry myself while I was working. She was having some trouble with her heart racing so she went to the ER and ended up staying. Thank goodness she did not have a heart attack and they found no blockage. She wore a heart monitor for the next day and is waiting for results. 

As much as I hate that she was in the hospital and am so thankful that they found nothing seriously wrong, she did have the day off with me on Friday and that was fabulous. We did an ungodly amount of shopping. The amount of clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, and makeup I came home with is sinful, it really is. 

Today we laid out by the pool which was great to be out relaxing, then went to dinner with my family for  Fathers Day, took a nice walk around the neighborhood and now we're chilling in the house watching Carolina play in the College World Series, GO COCKS! 

It has been a truly great weekend. 

We also had VBS last week at church, I only got to go one night due to having to be at Lander to work but they did such a great set up. The theme was lighthouse and the kids had an awesome time! Plus, for snacks instead of doing sugary or salty things, our church does fruit and we all know I LOVE that idea...I may or may not have sampled all the fruit before the children got to the tent :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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