Reality? No Thank You

WHY is it so hard to come back from vacation?!?! Ugh! I had 7 bazillion emails to catch up on, twitter and facebook updates, gee whiz! Seems like it's so hard to get caught up. 

But I can't complain because I had a great vacation. 
We went to the beach, shopping, kayaking, swimming, bike riding, kayaked with dolphins, saw a manatee, saw crabs, all kinds of fun stuff. 

Oh and let's be honest, unpacking sucks. Bad

So we headed to Greenville Saturday and saw Thomas Squared, Darius Rucker, and Lady A. After driving through mad traffic, being told the place we were dying to eat had reservations and no seats available, treking across downtown, and then eating Bojangles while waiting for the concert...it finally started! We were SO close to the stage. I could have possibly ran back behind the stage and waved like a maniac after all the acts have walked off stage, perfection. Our seats were literally close enough to walk behind the stage, I mean I probably almost got arrested a few times but Hillary Scott waved at me, I mean...I'm pratically famous, right? Right. Oh my gah, what a great concert, I loved EVERY minute of it! Go see them if you get the chance. 

So we got back from Greenville at like 2 a.m. then got up the next morning and at 10 a.m. we were on the road to Edisto and our vacay for the week. Wahoo! Vacation was great, no other explanation. But man coming back home was tough. Poor Josh had lots of cleaning to do at his apartment when he got home. Bless his heart. I enjoyed every minute of this week. 


Ok, enough of my pouting. 

Hope everyone had a great week! 


Long Awaited


Well lovebugs, I'll be looking at this view for the next week 

Gonna have my toes in the water and my behind in the sand, peeeerfection. 

So please excuse my absence for the next week. I promise to catch up on everything in the blog world as soon as I get back. 

But while I'm gone, I'm going to do my best to stay away from technology and enjoy myself. 

I hope that everyone has a great week and when I get back there's going to be a GIVEAWAY on the blog! 

It is a GREAT one and I don't want you to miss out, so check back! 

Love love love. 


Can You Take the HEAT?

Lord have MERCY. Did anyone see the NBA Finals game last night?!

The Heat brought it. I mean Mike Miller made so many 3's I couldn't keep count. Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers and my fav LEBRON JAMES killed it last night. What a well deserved win. 

So glad to see LeBron finally get a ring. Let me give you a back story real quick: My senior year in high school I was a teacher cadet and every Wednesday morning we did reading buddies. Well my reading buddy was with this guy, Tovay. And it just so happens that Tovay is OBSESSED with LeBron. I'm talking loooooooooves LeBron. We read...EVERY, let me repeat that, every.single.book in the library about LeBron James. We even had the librarian get more books brought in from other libraries. So I know everything there is to know about James, ev-er-y-th-in-g.

With that being said, I was so happy to see him win last night. They all looked ecstatic.

Sooo....TEAM HEAT!

I was sad to see OKC lose though. I just can't take it, I hate when someone has to lose.

Ok, now on to Fridays Letters with Ashley!

Dear Weekend, so glad you have arrived! Off to see Lady Antebellum in concert tomorrow then headed to the beach for a week after. Excited is an understatement.

Dear Daisy, you are the most precious dog ever. I love throwing your ball for you an going swimming with you. You are so sweet when you cuddle with me, you're a good dog, you know that?

Dear Weather, although you've been hot this week, please keep up those clear skies for our vacay.

Dear Josh, I can not WAIT to head to the concert tomorrow, thank you so much for surprising me with tickets. And I can't wait to spend a week at the beach with you. I know you are in desperate need for a vacation and I'm beyond happy that you are about to get a week off of work, you need it and it is well deserved. I'm proud of you for the decisions that you are pondering over and making things great for yourself.

Dear Mom and Dad, enjoy a quiet house while I'm gone next week, don't worry, I'll bring my noise back shortly.

Dear Readers, you guys are awesome! Sweet comments, new followers, just everything...Thank you thank you thank you! There is a giveaway coming your way VERY soon, stay tuned!

Have a good Friday lovebugs!


Romping in my Romper

If you know me well, you know I love love love love love rompers. Literally, in love with them. I think they are so cute and so easy and comfy to wear. I mean you put on ONE piece of clothing and your whole outfit is set. 

What is better than that? You're right, nothing! 

I have like a bazillion rompers and wear all of them on the reg. I tell people I love them because you don't have to put on pants...hahaha! Obviously, because the pants/shorts are attached. I mean who came up with this for adults...babies get the luxury of these kinds of outfits all the time...it's genius and perfection. 

Oh and it makes me laugh that you have to get naked to go to the bathroom, hahahaha! Like you have to pull the whole romper off which I find hilarious and I'm pretty sure I laugh every time I have to go to the bathroom. 

Quick story, I was on a youth trip about 3 years ago and had on a romper and my youth group had never seen one before and let me tell you they got a kick out of this thing. Well we had stopped for food on our way to Florida and I used the restroom before we left. I ended up getting the zipper of my romper hung up and couldn't get it zipped for honest to goodness like 15 minutes. So all the while they are all waiting on me and I finally emerge from the bathroom and they asked why I didn't just come out for help and I told them that I was naked because you have to take the whole romper off to use the bathroom and I swear to you they laughed the rest of the way to Florida, absolutely histerical. 

Now, back to the outfit. I wore this to go out with my family for fathers day and I am dying over this statement necklace. 

Dad and I on Fathers Day! Love you Daddy :)

Have a great day loves!


What's in my suitcase? Headed to the Beach

After seeing Lady A on Saturday Josh and I are headed to Edisto for the week to enjoy our summer vacay and do absolutely nothing but relax. I am so excited and can't wait to sit on a beach for a week with my man. The only thing that isn't quite the most exciting thing to do is pack my bags. Just not a fan, but today I want to share with y'all what will be heading to the beach in my luggage.

Here's what will be in my suitcase. These items are definitely top of the list for me on my vacation: 

And of course, in addition to these items my bag will be packed with maxi's, dresses, tops, shorts, linen pants, bathing suits, t shirts, jewelry galore and sandals! Those pink gloves pictured above are PERFECTION! I had always hated bath gloves but got a pair in a giveaway I won a few months ago. I took them when I went out of town because I don't like carrying my loofa. I feel like its hard to pack and gets water everywhere, but I don't feel like a wash rag really cleans me that well so I thought I'd try out the gloves...Oh my gah! Perfect for trips! Lathers up so well and is practically just like using a loofa but much easier to take on the go!

I can not wait to be on vacation, wish I was leaving today. Patience patience patience!

What is a necessity for you on vacay?

Happy Hump Day friends!


Is that normal?!

I missed blogging on fathers day so real quick-- shout out to YOU Dad! He is the best daddy ever! Always watches out for me, provides for me and goes above and beyond his call of duty. Love love love that man! 

Today I'm linking up for 

1.  Is it normal to drive 5 mph over the speed limit? 10 mph? 
Definitely normal to drive 5 over...probably even 7 over. On the interstate you'll probably find me at 10 over but certainly not in town. 

2. Is it normal to pick a wedgie in public?
For me, TOTALLY normal. I do this on the reg...it's slightly embarrassing but due to the many amount of times that I do this a week, it obviously does not bother me that bad, haha!

3. Is it normal to put on makeup even if you aren't leaving the house? 
Hmmm...I try not to put on makeup if I'm not leaving the house due to the fact that I don't want to waste my makeup. BUT I do think it's normal, if you wanna look good...go head girl!

4. Is it normal to go skinny dipping? 
I'd say negative on skinny dipping in a public pool, if it's your own private pool sure, why not!

5. Is it normal to use the restroom while talking on the phone? 
If it's family or Josh, oh yes but anyone else...not that normal but I don't think it's totally weird. 

6. Is it normal to check yourself out when passing by a window/mirror?
Hahahaha this one makes me laugh because I do this at ANYTHING that has my reflection in it. Literally everything, I find it hilarious, I just can not help but look over at myself! haha!

7. Is it normal to keep folded laundry in the basket instead of putting it away? 
I think it's normal but I try to hang up/put up my clothes after they're washed so they're out of the way and I can find them easier. 

8. Is it normal to turn and walk the opposite direction when you see someone you know in a store? 
OH YES! Unless it's someone I'm really good friends with and want to chat with...I take off in the opposite direction. 

9. Is it normal to drink coffee/soda from a straw? 
Soda, yes. Coffee, no way! Unless its cold coffee. 

10. Is it normal to hover over the toilet in a pubic restroom? 
100% yes! But if you're anything like me, hovering isn't very easy or clean so I pill about 100 sheets of toilet paper on each side of the seat and across the front and then sit, haha! 

This link up is so fun! Share your anwers! 



Oh friends, I am so sorry for leaving you hanging for the last week. Life's been busy, ya know? 

I went to EXPO (which is what we call our orientation at Lander for the freshmen). Worked with a great staff and I hands down had the best group on campus. 
Our group number was #1, which was extremely fitting due to their sparkling, spunky personalities and ability to make their prescence known in a room. My group consisted of 12 students who could not have been sweeter and worked together so well. They cheered, danced, laughed, singed and everything else in between all week long. 

It was a great week, thank you group 1 for being so awesome. YOLO! 

I got home on Thursday to find out my mother had spent the night in the hospital and in true family fashion no one called and told me, they didn't want me to worry myself while I was working. She was having some trouble with her heart racing so she went to the ER and ended up staying. Thank goodness she did not have a heart attack and they found no blockage. She wore a heart monitor for the next day and is waiting for results. 

As much as I hate that she was in the hospital and am so thankful that they found nothing seriously wrong, she did have the day off with me on Friday and that was fabulous. We did an ungodly amount of shopping. The amount of clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, and makeup I came home with is sinful, it really is. 

Today we laid out by the pool which was great to be out relaxing, then went to dinner with my family for  Fathers Day, took a nice walk around the neighborhood and now we're chilling in the house watching Carolina play in the College World Series, GO COCKS! 

It has been a truly great weekend. 

We also had VBS last week at church, I only got to go one night due to having to be at Lander to work but they did such a great set up. The theme was lighthouse and the kids had an awesome time! Plus, for snacks instead of doing sugary or salty things, our church does fruit and we all know I LOVE that idea...I may or may not have sampled all the fruit before the children got to the tent :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Sunday Social

Heavens to betsy, I have been an awful blogger this week. I do sincerely apologize. Here's a run down of this past week schedule last week and this week's coming schedule. 

Last week I had a spot removed off my leg to avoid any skin cancer scares in the future...now I'm all bandaged up with stitches to show off.
Last week was Columbia's first fashion week. Being an intern at the place that was putting the whole event on, I worked my you know what off and was there late, late into the night. Hence my lack of blogging AND getting to watch my favorite tv shows. 

Tomorrow I am headed up to Lander to be a leader at freshmen orientation from Tuesday to Thursday, so my blogging will probably non-exsistent between now and then, sorry sorry sorry! Maybe I'll find some time to sneak some blogging in! They keep us sooooo busy. 

And in upcoming news Josh bought him and I tickets to see Darius Rucker and Lady Antebellum...YAY!!!! So so so so excited! 
And we're headed to the beach for the whole week, the last week of June with his family and I seriously can't wait. I can not wait to sit my behind in a beach chair and play in the ocean for a whole week, oh my!

OK so for today I am linking up with Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup for 
Sunday Social

the very first one! 

Here are today's questions: 

How did you come up with your blog name? I wanted my blog name to really reflect what I planned to post on my blog. I wanted to blog about things that happen in my everyday life and what goes on with me in my normal daily routines. So here at Every Day Life, you will find everyday things :)

What is your favorite thing about blogging? Oh my gosh, I have two haha! First, I LOVE changing my blog layout. If you follow me regularly, you obviously know this haha! I love to be creative and change things up and my taste is always changing so I like to have something that matches me and my personality. My 2nd is reading other peoples blogs. I love to see into other peoples lives and get to know more about them and being able to relate to them. 

What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now can't live without? Hmmm...I'm really not sure. I have tried a few things because of blogging but I'm not sure what I've found that I can't live without. I am pondering buying an Erin Condren planner and I am now in love with eos chapstick because of blogging! 

Facebook or Twitter? And why? Gosh, this one is hard to answer too! I am facebook faithful and love being able to catch up with people and have albums full of pictures but I do love twitter and being able to post about what is happening right now. 

If one celeb read your blog, who would you want it to be? Giuliana Rancic, hands down!

What is something you want people to know about your blog? I want people to know that I truly love to blog and appreciate comments and followers. I love to write about my feelings or whatever else on this blog and love for others to share theirs as well. I want my blog to open my eyes to other people and let them into my world as well. 

Happy Sunday folks! Have a greeeeeeeeeeeeeat week :)